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Chiwome, Emmanuel M.
Harare: 2002. ISBN 9780869227657.
Shona literature now comprises 85% of literature published for schools in Zimbabwe, an indication of its significance for the understanding of the phi...

Kuliapin A., Levashov O.
Barnaul: 1998. ISBN net.
The monograph presents a comparative analysis of Vasilii Shukshin's literary works with those created by the Russian writers of the XIXth century.
$14.00  Special price: $7.00

Tiumen': 2000. ISBN 5-88081-186-7.
The collection is aimed to reveal the rich and unique character of the Russian written culture. Vocabulary and stylistic peculiarities of the Old-Russ...
$19.00  Special price: $9.50

Kemerovo: 2000.
Based on the materials of the IId International conference "Typology in Ethnohermeneutics and Ethnorethorics" held in Kemerovo State University in Sep...
$13.00  Special price: $5.00

Vypusk 1: Barnaul: 2001. ISBN 5-88210-103-4.
Researches on linguistics, study of art and literature are offered. Materials are prepared by post-graduates and young specialists, who put the stress...
$14.00  Special price: $7.00

SPb.: Samara: Barnaul: 2001. ISBN 5-88210-164-6.
Problem of text, its ontology, philosophy and structure is dealt with along with the issues of Slavonic culture.
$18.00  Special price: $9.00

Tomsk: 2001. ISBN 5-7511-1334-9.
The collection includes materials of the all-Russian scientific conference devoted to the topical issues of modern linguistics. The articles touch upo...
$16.00  Special price: $8.00

Tiumen': 2001. ISBN 2-88081-239-1.
The collection contains articles written on the basis of numerous scientific reports dedicated to spiritual development of a personality in the contex...
$18.00  Special price: $9.00

Omsk: 2002. ISBN 5-7779-0310-X.
The articles included into the present collection regard disputable issues, connected with the creative activities of Pavel Vasil'ev. The poetics of V...
$13.00  Special price: $6.50

Vypusk 7 CHast' 1: Biisk: 2002. ISBN 5-85127-272-4.
The collection comprises articles covering issues connected with text interpretation. The authors throughly regard and analyze various stylistics devi...
$16.00  Special price: $8.00
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