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Driz O.
M.: 2020. ISBN 978-5-9953-0728-0.
Kniga, kotoruiu vy derzhite v rukakh, byla napisana na idishe evreiskim poetom Ovseem Drizom, perevedena na russkii iazyk znamenitym poetom Genrikhom Sapgir...

Rabbi Yehoshua Berman.
New York : 2020. ISBN 9789659285501.
Let’s face it. It isn’t always easy to engage people in the parsha, particularly when those sitting around the table include children of varying ages....

Isaak Bashevis Zinger.
Kyiv: 2020. ISBN 978-966-378-773-2; 9789663787732.
Isaac Bashevis Singer (1904–1991) was one of the most prominent Yiddish writers, winner of the 1978 Nobel Prize in Literature. In his work he addresse...
Isaak Bashevis Zinger (1904–1991) — odyn z naivydatnishykh predstavnykiv literatury idyshem, laureat Nobelivs'koi premii z literatury 1978 roku. U svoii t...

Kaniuk Ioram.
Kyiv: 2020. ISBN 978-966-378-718-3; 9789663787183.
Sixty years after the Israeli War of Independence, Yoram Kanyuk tries to remember what exactly happened - and didn't happen - when he was a teenage so...
Po tomu, iak mynulo shistdesiat rokiv pislia Viiny za nezalezhnist' Izrailiu, Ioram Kaniuk namahaiet'sia zhadaty, shcho same vidbulosia – i ne vidbulosia – svoho cha...

Brooks C., Feferman K.
Woodbridge: 2020. ISBN 9781648250033.
When war between the Soviet Union and Germany broke out in 1941, thousands of refugees - many of whom were Jews - poured from war-stricken Ukraine, Cr...

KHersonskii B.
Kiev: 2020. ISBN 978-966-378-793-0; 9789663787930.
Boris KHersonskii's book "Let's be warm and ashes" contains the author's poems on the Jewish theme - one of the main works of the poet. These poems we...
V knyhe Borysa KHersonskoho «Budem teplom y peplom» sobranû stykhy avtora, posviashchennûe evreiskoi teme – odnoi yz hlavnûkh v tvorchestve poýta. Ýty stykhy p...

Mahendra Gaur (ed.).
New Delhi: 2016. ISBN 9789383154357.
1.Israel. Foreign relations. 2.Israel. Politics and government in 1993-.

B.D. Singh .
New Delhi: 2016. ISBN 9788184205480.
1.Israel. Politics and government in the 20th century. 2.Israel. Politics and government in the 21st century. 3.Israel. Arab Border Conflicts, 1949- 4...

Binay Kumar.
Delhi: 2017. ISBN 9789383131440.
1.Middle East. Foreign relations. 2.Camp David Agreements. (1978). 3. Arab-Israeli conflict in 1993--Peace. 4.Egypt-Foreign relations in Israel. 5.Isr...

Elias Boundinot .
Delhi : 2017. ISBN 9789351286073.
1.Indians of North America. Origin. 2.Lost tribes of Israel.
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