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Alisher Rakhat .
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-06-5854-7; 9786010658547.
This is a story about a guy who came to Almaty from Karatau, found a job in a large shipping company, but got lost in his own feelings...

Isenova A.S.
Karaganda : 2019. ISBN 978-601-7921-77-4.
The book contains short stories, stories, essays and sketches from the author’s childhood. In her book, Alia Isenova, a blogger, journalist and psycho...
V knige sobrany rasskazy, istorii, ocherki i zarisovki iz detstva avtora. V svoei knige Aliia Isenova, bloger, zhurnalist i psikholog, rasskazhet vam o svo...

Artsishevskii A.
Almaty: 2019. ISBN 978-601-06-5657-4; 9786010656574.
“Love and hate are boiling in my soul. Perhaps: “Why?” - you ask, I don’t know, but I feel the strength of these two passions in me and I suffer with ...
«Liubov' i nenavist' kipiat v dushe moei. Byt' mozhet: «Pochemu?» - ty sprosish', ia ne znaiu, no silu etikh dvukh strastei v sebe ia chuvstvuiu i serdtsem vsem str...

Karakat Abden .
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-06-5962-9; 9786010659629.
The founder of the Institute of Cultural and Moral Education “Kazakh Kizi” Karakat Abden tells the modern Kazakh girl how to become successful, realiz...
Kniga izvestnogo obshchestvennogo deiatelia, osnovatel'nitsy Instituta kul'turno-nravstvennogo vospitaniia «Қazaқ қyzy» Karakat Abden rassk...

Amanzholov U.S.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 9965-712-44-1; 9965712441.

Nurghalymuly U.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-80761-6-9; 9786018076169.
The book is about characters that were familiar to the older Kazakhs and which were later forgotten. He also analyzes the words of obscure words and s...

Beibit Sarybai.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-8077-29-6; 9786018077296.
The book by Beibit Sarybay, a well-known writer, is embedded in his social media posts.

Amanzholov U.S.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 9965-07-325-2; 9965073252.

Amanzholov U.S.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 9965-699-28-3; 9965699283.

Madieva G., SHaikenova L., Mambetova M., Tausogharova A.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-04-4300-6; 9786010443006.
This educational dictionary helps to improve the scientific and practical training of young specialists in linguistic areas, to develop their professi...
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