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Vynnychuk IU.
L'viv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-629-511-2; 9786176295112.
Local history studies of Yuri Vinnychuk this time relate to the history of hard drinks in the world, in Ukraine and in Galicia in particular. It consi...

Bulakhlovs'kyi K.
L'viv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-7429-28-8; 9786177429288.
The proposed book invites the reader into the incredible and magical world of linguistics. In it you will learn what a language is, how many languages...

Lekhniuk Roman .
L'viv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-8853-93-7; 9789668853937.
The book analyzes three Galician socio-political and cultural-intellectual environments, whose activities in the first quarter of the twentieth centur...

Batu Dorzh.
L'viv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-679-682-4; 978617796824.
Andrey Vasiliev (pseudonym: Dorj Batu, Dorje Batuu) is a Ukrainian journalist and writer of Buryat origin. Born December 21, 1977 in Ulan-Ude, in a fa...

Batu Dorzh.
L'viv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-679-485-1; 9786176794851.
Andrey Vasiliev (pseudonym: Dorj Batu, Dorje Batuu) is a Ukrainian journalist and writer of Buryat origin. Born December 21, 1977 in Ulan-Ude, in a fa...

Laiuk M.
L'viv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-679-665-7; 9786176796657.
Miroslav Laiuk's poetic book "The Rose" is an immersion within words and content, simplification and complication at the same time. The poet finds new...

IAna Bylynets, Elena Vavshko, Vyktoryia Sorochuk, Эlyna Foynskaia.
L'viv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-679-731-9, 978-617-679-686-2; 9786176797319, 9786176796862.
«Ukrainer. Ukrainian Insider» — is the print edition of the ambitious digital media project Ukrainer ( based on our 2016–2018 expedition ...

Lutsyshyna Oksana.
L'viv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-679-527-8; 9786176795278.
Oksana Lutsyshina's novel, whose action unfolds in the last years of Soviet power and in the first years of Ukrainian Independence. After studying in...

KHersons'kyi Borys.
L'viv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-679-730-2; 9786176797302.
Boris Khersonskii is a renowned poet, essayist and translator, winner of many international awards. The poetry collection Worship the Tree includes wo...

Makhno V.
L'viv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-679-725-8; 9786176797258.
Vasily Makhn's novel The Eternal Calendar is a kind of Ukrainian chronicle, a large-scale family saga that combines, interweaves, co-ordinates and ant...
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