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Janestic M. Twikirize, Helmut Spitzer.
Uganda: 2019. ISBN 9789970617920.
The importance of integrating indigenous knowledge systems into mainstream social work and ensuring context-specific, culturally relevant practice has...

Christine Matama.
Uganda: 2019. ISBN 9789970259649.
Christine Matama is a Ugandan public health specialist and counseling psychologist, with working experience of ten years in chronic illness settings. ...

Grace Acan.
Kampala: 2018. ISBN 9789970259366.
This book is a story of Grace Acan's childhood, abduction and life inside the LRA. Grace never gave up hope of returning to Uganda to realise her drea...

Masereka Levi Kahaika.
Uganda: 2018. ISBN 9789970252954.
Mkwamo is a Kiswahili play written by Masereka Levi Kahaika and Published in 2013. Though largely fictious Mkwamo is also partly built on the backgrou...

Jean-Marie Kagabo.
Kampala: 2018. ISBN 9789970259519.
In Democratic Engineering in Rwanda and Burundi the author argues that a democratic model which is suitable for single-cultural societies may not be a...

Alex Nkabahona, Archangel Rukooko Byaruhanga.
Kampala: 2017. ISBN 9789970259403.
The book highlights the debates and controversies that have been the subject of the media and other conversation spaces in Uganda in the recent past. ...

Jude Ssempebwa, Peter Neema-Abooki, J. C. S. Musaazi.
Kampala: 2017. ISBN 9789970259359.
Makerere University started in 1922 as a humble technical school enrolling 14 day students of Carpentry, Building and Mechanics. Nine decades later, t...

Simon Simonse.
Kampala: 2017. ISBN 9789970258970.
This is the long awaited, revised and illustrated edition of Kings of Disaster, the study of the Rainmakers of the Nilotic Sudan that is in many ways ...

Caroline Lamwaka.
Kampala, Uganda: 2016. ISBN 978-9970-25-221-3.
The "Raging Storm: A Reporter’s Inside Account of the Northern Uganda War, 1986-2005" is a highly personal and inside account of the northern Uganda w...

Hintjens, H.
Kampala: 2015. ISBN 9789970258871.
In Challenging Social Exclusion: Multi-sectoral Approaches to Realising Social Justice in East Africa contributing authors interrogate the question of...
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