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Albie Sachs.
Cape Town: 2018. ISBN 9780620779593.
If a paternity test were done on widely admired South Africa?s constitution, whose DNA would come up? Is the Constitution just a beautiful piece of pa...

Edwin Cameron.
Cape Town: 2014. ISBN 9780624063056.
In Justice, Cameron explains and defends the role of the law in South Africa's continuing transition. He draws on his own life experience - of poverty...

Michelle Le Roux, Dennis Davis .
Johannesburg: 2019. ISBN 9781868429608.
What happens when South Africa?s tumultuous political life becomes entangled in the courts of law? Throughout the past 50 years, the courts have been ...

M. Olivier, Cora Hoexter.
Cape Town: 2017. ISBN 9781485106258.
While there have been various studies of the South African courts and their performance, The Judiciary in South Africa is the first publication to pro...

M. Loubser, E. Reid.
Cape town : 2012. ISBN 9780702198526.
The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 has introduced a detailed and complex new set of rules and procedures to promote and advance the social and eco...

Geoffrey Blundell, Christopher Chippindale, Benjamin Smith (eds.).
Johannesburg: 2010. ISBN 9781868145133.
It is largely through the work of David Lewis-Williams that San rock art has come to be understood so well, as a complex symbolic and metaphoric repre...

Elizabeth Perrill.
Cape Town: 2012. ISBN 9780980260991.
Long held as one of the most spiritually charged Zulu art forms, Zulu ceramics have entered the 21st century as a diversifying and vital art. From ind...

Johaan van Loggerenberg .
Johannesburg: 2016. ISBN 9781868427406.
The story of a 'rogue unit' operating within the South African Revenue Service (SARS) became entrenched in the public mind following a succession of s...

Raymond Parsons .
Johannesburg: 2018. ISBN 9781431426188.
Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism: The role of business in South Africa offers an insightful and balanced account of how the business sector and particu...

Anton Burger Koos Stadler .
Johannesburg: 2018. ISBN 9781868428748.
The South African Special Forces achieved exceptional results with small groups of elite soldiers instead of larger, conventional teams. The Team Secr...
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