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Tuzg. Dzhapanov A.A.
1-tom: A-B: Bishkek: 2020. ISBN 978-9967-9231-4-0; 9789967923140.
The 8-volume encyclopedia of diplomacy contains a short biography of the monarchs and prominent representatives of the Kyrgyz people, khans, dancers, ...

Duda Lesia .
L'viv: Drohobych: 2020. ISBN 978-617-642-499-4; 9786176424994.
These secrets are revealed in more detail by the frequency dictionary-reference book "Names of Lviv residents of the first half of the XX century." - ...
Detal'nishe tsi taiemnytsi rozkryvaie chastotnyi slovnyk-dovidnyk «Imena l'viv’ian pershoi polovyny KHKH st.» – persha v ukrains'komu movoznavstvi leksykohrafichn...

CHornovol I.
L'viv: 2020. ISBN 978-617-7527-74-8; 9786177527748.
The book includes a hundred essays about prominent Lviv residents of the XIX-XX centuries. - Austrians, Armenians, Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, Muslims - ...
Do knyhy uviishly sto eseiv pro vydatnykh l'viv\'ian KHIKH-KHKH st. - avstriitsiv, virmen, ievreiv, poliakiv, ukraintsiv, musul'man - imena zapysani na skryzhaliakh ...

Lugansk: 2020.
The catalog was issued in the form of a souvenir publication for philatelists and all fans of the postage miniature of the Lugansk People's Republic. ...
Kataloh vûpushchen v vyde suvenyrnoho yzdanyia dlia fylatelystov y vsekh poklonnykov pochtovoi mynyatiurû Luhanskoi Narodnoi Respublyky. Na eho stranytsakh pred...

Bishkek: 2020.

Danyl'chuk D.
Kyiv : 2020. ISBN 978-617-7755-13-4; 9786177755134.
"Who was the person in whose honor the street in Kyiv was named? What is this person famous for? ” Such questions arise among Kyiv's guests especially...
«Kym bula liudyna, na chest' iakoi nazvaly vulytsiu v Kyievi? CHym uslavylas' tsia osoba?» Taki zapytannia vynykaiut' u kyian ihostei mista osoblyvo chasto v roky ...

Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786199124604.
The book is a compilation of laudatory speeches, liturgical texts, legends and apocryphal writings dating back to the First Bulgarian State (681-1018)...

ZHadykov A.KH.
Almaty : 2020. ISBN 978-601-04-4470-6; 9786010444706.
The reference book brings together brief biographical information about the heroes of Kazakhstan who were awarded this high title in the period from 1...

ZHadykov A.KH., Aidarkhanov E.A.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-04-4471-3; 9786010444713.
In the proposed book, brief biographical information about Kazakhstanis - Heroes of Labor, people who performed feats of labor during the period of re...

Abildina GHainizhamal.
2: Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-04-5120-9; 9786010451209.
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