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Pathisa Nyathi.
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: 2014. ISBN 9780797494282.
Dickson Netsha Sibanda’s life encompasses a great number of the key events of the past half century in Zimbabwe and the central African region as a wh...

Susan Woodhouse.
Zimbabwe: 2018. ISBN 9781779223234.
Prime minister Garfield Todd of Southern Rhodesia became known outside the country in January 1958 when his Cabinet rebelled and resigned. Within the ...

K.M.R. Smythe.
Zimbabwe: 2018. ISBN 9780797491359.
K.M.R. Smythe is a keen photographer and visual artist. She grew up in Rhodesia. Her family lived in the grounds of Ingutsheni Mental Hospital in Bula...

Denis Norman.
Zimbabwe: 2018. ISBN 9781779223357.
Denis Norman was born into an ordinary farming family in Oxfordshire, England in 1931, and 22 years later he travelled to Africa to become an assistan...

Robinson M. Nabulyato, Giacomo Macola.
Lusaka: 2009. ISBN 9789982997201.
Robinson Mwaakwe Nabulyato (1916-2004) was one of the fathers of African nationalism in colonial Zambia and the longest serving Speaker of the country...

Vypusk 1: Kemerovo: 2001.
The almanac "A Name in Kuzbass Business" is the first edition presenting managers, businessmen, heads of industrial enterprises and city mayors - peop...
$50.00  Special price: $25.00

Gorno-Altaisk: 2003.
The present edition comprises concise biographies of 58 researchers - historians, ethnographers, archeologists, philologists, biologists, etc and inc...
$22.00  Special price: $11.00

Konovalov A.B.
Kemerovo: 2004. ISBN 5-202-00423-08.
The course of life and political biographies of the early Communist secretaries of the Kemerovo Executive Committee of the R.C.P. (B.) - C.P.S.U., are...
$30.00  Special price: $15.00

Filatov A.P.
Novosibirsk: 2005. ISBN 5-86272-120-7.
The memories of the former Soviet official who devoted his life to the well-being of the Novosibirsk region.
$18.90  Special price: $10.50

Kemerovo: 2004. ISBN 5-202-00677-2.
$27.00  Special price: $13.50
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