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Volker Glissmann (ed.).
Mzuzu: 2020. ISBN 9789996066603.
A key theological emphasis of the church is the priesthood of all believers. This emphasis implies that lay empowerment and lay participation are cent...

Frank Barden Chirwa.
Mzuzu: 2020. ISBN 9789996060441.
Since the establishment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Malawi in 1902, there is now available much information on the cases, narratives and ex...

Klaus Fiedler, Kenneth R. Ross.
Mzuzu: 2020. ISBN 9789996060748.
This is the first attempt to comprehend the whole of Malawi's church history in a single volume. The focus of this book is about documenting the relig...

Anderson J M Mnthambala.
Zomba: 2020. ISBN 9789996025358.
This book traces and examines the interaction between Christians and Muslims in the areas of Dedza North-West and Lilongwe East, the Nkhoma Mission ar...

George Shepperson.
Lilongwe : 2020. ISBN 9789996066269.
Independent African, first published in 1958, is still one of the few serious attempts to write a history of an African Rising against European rule s...

Kenneth R. Ross.
Lilongwe : 2020. ISBN 9789996066344.
More than twenty years have passed since this book was first published yet its themes remain vital for understanding the way in which Christian faith ...

Timwa Lipenga.
Lilongwe: 2019. ISBN 9789996097911.
You hold in your hands the untold story of a woman who shaped Malawi's history. Rose Chibambo, whose original name 'Lomathinda' means 'snatched from t...

Asbjorn Eidhammer.
Lilongwe: 2017. ISBN 9789996097904.
This book traces the origins and historical background of the Malawi we meet today. Progress, constraints and setbacks in political, economic, social ...

Harry Kambwiri Matecheta.
Lilongwe: 2020. ISBN 9789996066580.
When he was ordained in 1911, the Reverend Harry Kambwiri Matecheta became the first Malawian Presbyterian minister. Forty years later when he publish...

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