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James N. Amanze (ed.).
Mzuzu : 2020. ISBN 9789996060809.
This book is about people with disabilities (PWDs) and the extraordinary talents they have that can contribute towards the world economy generally and...

Matembo S. Nzunda (ed.).
Volume 8: Malawi: 2020. ISBN 9789996066542.
The year 2020 began in Malawi with a moment of high political drama. On 3 February, the Constitutional Court declared the Presidential election of May...

Janet Kholowa, Klaus Fiedler.
Malawi: 2020. ISBN 9789996066405.
The right of women to preach in church is a contentious issue in a number of churches in Malawi. Where women are not allowed to preach, usually refere...

Janet Kholowa, Klaus Fiedler.
Malawi: 2020. ISBN 9789996066382.
In Malawi and probably in other parts of Africa, many Christians believe that God created man and women unequal, the (male) man first, and then the wo...

Patrick Makondesa.
Malawi: 2020. ISBN 9789996066443.
Rev Leonard Muocha was, from 1971 till 1987, the leader of the African Baptist Assembly, much better known as Providence Industrial Mission (PIM). Thi...

Steve Chimombo.
Malawi: 2020. ISBN 9789996066160.
Steve Chimombo was born and died in Zomba leaving his wife, daughter, two sons, and five grandchildren. He was educated in Malawi, Wales, England, and...

Jonathan Nkhoma.
Mzuzu: 2020. ISBN 9789996060724.
The first two essays in this book examine the biblical and philosophical basis for mission in the post-modern world, emphasising the experiential qual...

Mzee Hermann Yokoniah Mvula.
Zomba: 2020. ISBN 9789996025334.
This book argues for the use of Old Testament ethical principles in entrenching constitutionalism in democratic Malawi. This posture is against the ba...

Chimwemwe Kalalo.
Mzuzu : 2020. ISBN 9789996045059.
Although research shows that a great percentage of the Malawian population is quite knowledgeable about HIV/Aids transmission and prevention, the epid...

Handwell Yotamu Hara.
Volume 5: Malawi: 2019. ISBN 9789996060700.
Handwell Yotamu Hara (*1942) was an ordinary boy from a village in Mzimba in Malawi. Though his parents were illiterate he was inspired through educat...

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