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Patrick A. Kalilombe.
Volume 3: Mzuzu: 2018. ISBN 9789996098208.
Patrick Kalilombe has been distinguished for more than twenty-five years as a pioneering theologian and ecclesiologist. Circumstances have determined ...

Kenneth R. Ross.
Volume 2: Mzuzu: 2018. ISBN 9789996098185.
Kenneth R. Ross, parish minister at Netherlorn in Argyll and Hon Fellow of the University of Edinburgh, is Chair of the Scotland Malawi Partnership. F...

Andrew C. Ross.
Volume 1: Mzuzu: 2018. ISBN 9789996060564.
When a thousand leading members of the Nyasaland African Congress were detained under the emergency regulations imposed by the Federation government i...

Ramola Ramtohul, Thomas Hylland Eriksen.
Mauritius: 2018. ISBN 9789990373486.
Speaking of Mauritius as an economic miracle has become a cliche, and with good reason: Its development since Independence in 1968 can easily be narra...

Martin Ott.
Volume 12: Zomba, Malawi: 2006. ISBN 9789990881219.
This is a revised and updated edition of the comprehensive study of the role of art in the process of inculturation in Africa, first issued in 2000. T...

Klaus Fiedler.
Malawi: 2018. ISBN 9789996060465.
Klaus Fiedler is Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Mzuzu University. He specializes in Church History and Missiology. He started publishi...

Ian D. Dicks.
Malawi: 2018. ISBN 9789996045288.
IN English and Yao. The English-Ciyawo Dictionary has been designed to help Yawo learners improve their English language skills for undertaking second...

Ian D. Dicks, Shawn Dollar.
Malawi: 2010. ISBN 9789990887853.
In English and Yao. "A Practical Guide to Understanding Ciyawo" has been developed over fourteen years and systematically explains for the novice the ...

Brighton Kawamba.
Malawi: 2018. ISBN 9789996060540.
In Christian history spiritual awakenings are a recurring and important phenomenon. The Blantyre Spiritual Awakening was characterized by an overt eva...

Kelly Bwalya.
Mzuzu, Malawi: 2017. ISBN 9789996060489.
This book explores the life and work of Rev Dr W.M.K. Jele, and his contribution to the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Synod of Zambia (CCAP)....

Rodney Schofield.
Malawi: 2018. ISBN 9789996060229.
Whereas Victorian optimists imagined that armed conflict would gradually disappear as the world continued to head for universal peace and prosperity, ...

Lawrence Chipao.
Mzuzu: 2017. ISBN 9789996096891.

John A. Ryan.
Mzuzu: 2016. ISBN 9789996027017.
"Science and Spirituality" is an attempt to highlight the spiritual potential within the recent and on-going discoveries in both the science of the qu...

Klaus Fiedler.
Mzuzu: 2016. ISBN 9789996096846.
Klaus Fiedler is Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Mzuzu University. He specializes in Church History and Missiology. He started publishi...

Tito Banda.
Mzuzu: 2017. ISBN 9789996060328.
Reading these tales from Northern Malawi readers come close to watching an original performance and the tales and the songs encapsulate the essence of...

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