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John Fokwang.
Cameroon: 2020. ISBN 9781942876571.
John Koyela Fokwang was born in Bali Nyonga in the then British Southern Cameroons. He attended the Native Authority School in Bali where he later tau...

Galasius B. Kamanzi, Peter R. Schmidt (eds.).
Dar es-Salaam: 2020. ISBN 9789987083688.
The History of Kiziba and Its Kings: A Translation of Amakuru Ga Kiziba na Abakama Bamu is a major contribution to the indigenous historical literatur...

Issa G. Shivji, Saida Yahya-Othman, Ng’wanza Kamata.
Book 1,2,3: Dar es-Salaam: 2020. ISBN 9789987084111.
This is the first comprehensive biography of Julius Nyerere, a national liberation leader, the first president of Tanzania and an outstanding statesma...

Nahida Esmail.
Tanzania: 2019. ISBN 9789987083312.
Tanzanian writer Nahida Esmail is an award-winning author of four young adult novels and ten children’s picture books, three of which have been transl...

Benjamin William Mkapa.
Tanzania: 2019. ISBN 9789987084005.
His Excellency Benjamin Mkapa was Tanzanian’s third president, elected under the first multi-party general election in Tanzania. His memoirs range fro...

Anne Outwater, Ilana Locker, Roy E. Gereau.
Tanzania: 2019. ISBN 9789987083985.
A Garden Guide to Native Plants of Coastal East Africa outlines how and what to plant in order to rejuvenate the coastal East African ecosystem throug...

John S. Nkoma, Pushpendra K. Jain.
Tanzania: 2019. ISBN 9789987083718.
The book introduces university undergraduates to the fascinating world of the science of light. Contemporary physics programmes are under increasing p...

Pushpendra K. Jain, John S. Nkoma.
Tanzania: 2019. ISBN 9789987083701.
Professor John S Nkoma obtained his BSc in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and later his MSc and PhD in Physic...

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