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Tendai Rinos Mwanaka, Daniel da Purificaсao.
 2018. ISBN 9780797484900.
Best “New” African Poets 2017 Anthology is the third in a continuing series. In the 2017 anthology there are poems from 191 poets, 338 poems/translati...

Mbuh Tennu Mbuh.
Mankon, Cameroon: 2016. ISBN 9789956763894.
Mbuh Tennu Mbuh hails from Pinyin in the North West Region of Cameroon. He obtained his B.A., Maitrise, and Doctorat de Troisieme Cycle in English Lit...

Lughano Mwangwegho.
Cameroon: 2017. ISBN 9789956764075.
Lughano Mwangwegho is second born to the inventor of Mwangwego script (a system of writing bantu languages using symbols). He enjoys reading, performi...

Sanya Osha.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 978-9956-764-20-4.
Sanya Osha is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, Naked Light and the Blind Eye. His fictional work, Dust, Spittle and Wind won the Associat...

Frida Menkan Mbunda-Nekang.
Cameroon: 2017. ISBN 978-9956-763-23-8.
Frida Menkan Mbunda-Nekang, born in Oku sub-division of the North West Region of Cameroon as the third of nine children, is married to Nekang Fabian N...

Victor N. Gomia, Gilbert S. Ndi.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 978-1-942876-18-2.
Victor N. Gomia holds a PhD. in Postcolonial Literature and an MA in Public Administration. Currently, he teaches World Literature in the Department o...

Mathew B. Gwanfogbe.
Bamenda: 2018. ISBN 9781942876236.
Dr. Mathew B. Gwanfogbe is currently the Vice-Chancellor of the Bamenda University of Science and Technology. He was previously the Director-delegate ...

Mirjam de Bruijn.
Bamenda: 2018. ISBN 9789956550241.
Mirjam de Bruijn is Professor in African Studies at Leiden University and a researcher at the African Studies Centre, Leiden, the Netherlands.

Joyce Ash.
Bamenda: 2018. ISBN 9781942876250.
Dr. Joyce Ash is a poet, actress, creative writer and Associate Professor of English at the University of Hartford, Connecticut. She has appeared as a...

M.D. Mbutoh.
Bamenda: 2018. ISBN 9781942876229.
M.D. Mbutoh is an award-winning poet from the North West Region of Cameroon. He holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Y...
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