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Bridget A.C. King, Abel O'Keragori.
 1995. ISBN 9789966884749.
Renowned Kenyan artist Abel O'Keragori first heard these traditional tales about the origins of his Kisii community from his grandmother. The Kisii st...

Ayebia Clarke.

Alifa Chokocho, Dumu Kayanda.
Nairobi, Kenya: 2016. ISBN 9789966315731.

Susan Wakhungu-Githuku.
Nairobi, Kenya: 2013. ISBN 9789966022035.

Susan Wakhungu-Githuku.
Nairobi, Kenya: 2013. ISBN 9789966022110.

Ngugi wa Thiong'o.
Nairobi ISBN 9966466843.
Ngugi describes this book as 'a summary of some of the issues in which I have been passionately involved for the last twenty years of my practice in f...

Binyavanga Wainaina.
Nairobi: 2011. ISBN 9789966700827.
This trio of sharp-witted essays takes irony to a new level. In 'How to Write About Africa', Wainaina dissects the cliche; of Africa and the preconcep...

John Ruganda.
Nairobi: 2002. ISBN 9789966251077.
John Ruganda is a professor of creative writing, and has taught at the University of Nairobi, Makerere University and the University of North, South A...

Francis B. Nyamnjoh.
Nairobi: 2006. ISBN 9789966254276.
Francis B. Nyamnjoh joined the University of Cape Town in August 2009 as Professor of Social Anthropology from the Council for the Development of Soci...

Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator.
Nairobi, Kenya ISBN 9879966083645.
It provides evidence concerning the ways churches and individuals are relating Christianity to their traditional religious, social and moral practices...

Gikonyo Kiano.
Nairobi, Kenya: 2013. ISBN 9789966369611.
When the history of Kenya is told, a number of people feature prominently. One such person is Dr Julius Gikonyo Kiano, a politician who put Kenya befo...

Ngugi wa Thiong'o.
Nairobi, Kenya: 2009. ISBN 9789966256287.
Over centuries of contact with the west, Africa has suffered the deprivations of slavery, colonialism and globalization. An integral part of this trag...

Nairobi, Kenya: 2010. ISBN 6164001943019.
Ketebul Music recently finished the second edition of our archival documentary in our Retracing sounds of East Africa series. Titled, RETRACING KIKUYU...

Jeannette Hanby.
Nairobi: 2008. ISBN 996671460x.
"Kangas: 101 Uses" gives a detailed history of kangas, how they came into existence and where the name came from. The authors also do an excellent job...

Nairobi: 2010. ISBN 9789966100047.
African love and traditions have over the years been kept alive through oral transmission from generation to generation.In 1000 Kikuyu Proverbs, each ...

Bethwell A.Ogot.
Kisumu, Kenya: 2009.
Bethwell Allan Ogot (born 1929) is a historian from Kenya. He specialises in African history, research methods and theory. Among honors Prof. Bethwell...

Caroline Nderitu.
Nairobi: 2002. ISBN 9789966470782.
The poems in this collection dwell on diverse issues, ranging from the self, compassion, hatred, human rights, nature and environmental conservation. ...

Wilfred Wachira Mwangi.
Nairobi: 2013. ISBN 978-9966-1609-6-6.
From his humble beginnings in Kibera, Wilfred managed to put himself through undergraduate and graduate level university studies in the USA. He recent...

Uche Onyebadi.
Kenya: 2003. ISBN 9789966982506.
A new book from the author of the popular and satirical "How to Be an African Lady". The book opens: Africa, you know. Politics, you understand. And g...

Nairobi: 2013. ISBN 9789966028396.
Laura Fair is Professor of History at Michigan State University in the U.S.A. She lived in Zanzibar for many years doing research for her first book: ...
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