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Nazmi Durrani.
Kenya: 2017. ISBN 978-9966-09-741-5.
“It is my duty to take the message of revolt to other[s]. This is the only way to liberate the victims of suffering and slavery”, Nazmi Durrani quotes...

Muli wa Kyendo.
Kenya: 2017. ISBN 9789966702036.
This book presents a collection of Ngewa - parables and fables - from the Akamba of Kenya. Fables and parables are central to African culture. Indeed,...

Nairobi: 2016. ISBN 9789966194794.

Christian Thibon, Mildred Ndeda, et al.
Nairobi: 2015. ISBN 9789966028518.
"Kenya's Past as Prologue" adopts a multidisciplinary perspective - mainly built upon field-based ethnography and a selection of case studies - to ans...

Jagero O.
Nairobi: 2015. ISBN 9789966095787.
Oduor Jagero is a journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is the founder and Lead at CMS AFRICA and CMS AFRICA SUMMIT. ...

Thurston A.
Nairobi: 2015. ISBN 978-9966-083-06-7.
This is the story of Africa’s private cultural collector and Kenya’s second Vice President.

Susan Wakhungu-Githuku.
Nairobi: 2015. ISBN 9789966022158.
Mrs. Susan Wakhungu-Githuku is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Human Performanc Dynamics Africa. Mrs. Wakhungu-Githuku served as the Coca-C...

John Habwe.
Nairobi: 2014. ISBN 9789966055354.
Kovu Moyoni ('Scar in the Heart') is a fast moving story set in a fictional village of Siloko in a post-independent nation called Tandika. It is the s...

Laura Fair.
Nairobi: 2013. ISBN 9789966028396.
Laura Fair is Professor of History at Michigan State University in the U.S.A. She lived in Zanzibar for many years doing research for her first book: ...

Maina Wa Mutonya, Project Muse.
Nairobi: 2013. ISBN 9789966028440.
While probing the politics of everyday in Gikuyu popular music, the main thrust of this book is to unpack the representation of daily struggles throug...
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