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Sono Molefe (ed.).
Cape Town: 2020. ISBN 9780620869126.
In the late 1970s, Lindiwe Mabuza, a.k.a. Sono Molefe, sent out a call for poems written by women in anc camps and offices throughout Africa and the w...

Jeannie Wallace McKeown.
Cape Town: 2020. ISBN 9781928433002.
Fall Awake is a study in contrasts, exploring belonging and unbelonging; tracking the coming to terms with a fluid sexuality, and examining how relati...

Jean-Franсois Kouadio.
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9780994708182.
Do we really understand the main content of the social contract? How to erase corruption? Why are we continuously witnessing the dilution of normative...

Chungu C., Beele E.
Cape Town : 2020. ISBN 9781485136231.
This second edition of Labour Law in Zambia: An Introduction is a comprehensive and current exposition of Zambian labour law. The authors analyse and ...

Cassim R.
Cape Town : 2020. ISBN 9781485136019.
Removal of Directors and Delinquency Orders under the South African Companies Act is a comprehensive discussion and analysis of the removal of company...

Chigwata T.C. (ed.).
Cape Town : 2020. ISBN 9781485135746.
Local Government Reform in Zambia: The 2016 Constitution’s Framework for Devolution is the first book that assesses the framework for devolved governa...

Kanokanga D.
Cape Town : 2020. ISBN 9781485135692.
Several international textbooks and casebooks on arbitration are available to the arbitration practitioner and law student. However, no current author...

Thembisa Waetjen (ed.).
Cape Town: 2020. ISBN 9780796925756.
From over-the-counter cough syrups and prescribed painkillers to street economies of heroin and fentanyl, opioid substances and uses have ignited glob...

Grace A. Musila (ed.).
Cape Town: 2020. ISBN 9780796925749.
Wangari Maathai was a scholar, writer, environmental activist, human rights champion, and Nobel Prize laureate. Wangari Maathai: Registers of Freedom ...

Erin Hutchinson (ed.) .
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9781776145720.
A clear, concise and accessible dissection guide for undergraduate allied health sciences and medical students encountering dissection for the first t...
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