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Gail Dendy.
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9781990922480.
Gail Dendy was first published by Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter and shared a poetry collection with Peabody Winner and Oscar Nominee Norman Corwin....

Chewe A.K.
Cape Town : 2020. ISBN 9781485135760.

Leslie J. Bank, Dorrit Posel, Francis Wilson (eds.).
Cape Town : 2020. ISBN 9780796925794.
Focuses on internal migrants and migration. The book cautions against a linear narrative of change and urban transition. It investigates urbanisation ...

Iain Edwards, Marc Epprecht .
Cape Town : 2020. ISBN 9780796925831.
Based on a previously unpublished primary source from the early twentieth century, as well as unique interviews with men remembering their lives in th...

Lesley Cowling, Carolyn Hamilton (eds.).
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9781776145898.
Drawing primarily on insights and materials from Africa for their capacity to speak to global developments, the authors in this volume propose new con...

Kevin Shillington .
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9781776146048.
Patrick van Rensburg (1931-2017) was an anti-apartheid activist and self-made "alternative educationist". Van Rensburg was an innovative and charismat...

Glenda Daniels .
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9781776145997.
The transition to digital news has been messy, random and unpredictable. The spread of news via social media platforms has given rise to political pro...

Ramesh Bharuthram, Larry Pokpas .
Stellenbosch: 2020. ISBN 9781990995002.

Stephan de Beer.
Stellenbosch: 2020. ISBN 9781928480846.
The title is enticing and playful, but the book is a serious grappling with the daunting realities of a shadowed, marginalised, urban life. It does no...

McCann M.
Cape Town : 2011. ISBN 9780702194061.
Alcohol, Drugs & Employment explains the case law on substance abuse in South Africa and also provides a useful international legal comparison. The bo...
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