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Ludhiana: 2019. ISBN 9789386448248 .
1.Facades of India. Case studies. 2.Facades of India. Pictorial works. 3.Interior architecture of India. Pictorial works. 4.Architecture, Domestic in ...

A.K. Saxena, Amrita Sen.
Jaipur: 2019. ISBN 9788183766470.
1.Hindu temples in India. 2.Hindu architecture in India. 3.Hindu sculpture. 4.Hindu painting.

Libbie Mills.
Pondicherry: Paris : 2019. ISBN 9788184702286.
1.Hindu temples in India. Design and construction. 2.Saivite Literature, Sanskrit. History and criticism.

N.C. Panda, Siva Nagi Reddy.
Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9788180903755.
1.Hindu temples of India. History. 2.Hindu temples of India. Designs and plans. 3.Hindu architecture of India. History. 4.Hindu architecture of India....

Bhattacharyya A.K.
Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9788180904103.
1. Hindu sculpture. 2.Idols and images in India. 3.Sculpture, Indic.

Miki Desai.
Ahmedabad: 2018. ISBN 9789385360220.

Phillip B. Wagoner.
Mumbai: 2018. ISBN 9789387944855.
1.Temples of India, Telangana. 2.Telangana (India). Buildings, structures, etc. 3.Telangana (India). Description and travel. 4. Kakatiya dynasty.

O.P. Mishra.
Kanpur: 2018. ISBN 9789386016676.
1.Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869 - 1948. Philosophy. 2.Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1889 – 1964. Philosophy. 3.India, Economic conditions of the 20th century. 4.India, E...

Subit Dutta, Ratan Borman (ed.).
Visakhapatnam: 2018. ISBN 9789381563977 .
1.Demonetization in India. 2.Demonetization in India, Assam. 3.India. Economic policy in 2016. 4.India, Economic conditions in the 21st century. 5.Ass...

S.K. Sandge.
Delhi: 2018. ISBN 9789381575765 .
1.Monetary policy. 2.Monetary policy in India. 3.Banks and banking. Government policy. 4.Banks and banking. Government policy in India.
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