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Shaji Maram Veettil, Anilkumar K. .
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9789388865425.
1.Internet in public administration in India. 2.Taxation. Data processing in India. 3.Electronic commerce in India.

Rajesh Kumar Sinha.
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9789388865449.
1.Rural development in India. Evaluation. 2.Rural development projects in India. 3.Economic development in India.

Pradeep Kumar Giri, Smruti Ranjan Das, Sk. Gyasuddin.
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9789389224825.
1.Petroleum industry and trade in India. Finance. 2.Working capital in India. Management.

H.S. Das, Reena Singh, Madhu Bisht.
New Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9788183299893.
1.Economic development in India,Uttarakhand. 2.Women in development in India, Uttarakhand. 3.Tourism in India, Uttarakhand. 4.Sustainable development...

Malay Mandal, Mamoun Sakkal.
Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9788193208540.
1.Mandu (India). Buildings, structures, etc. 2.Mandu (India). Buildings, structures, etc. Pictorial works.

Dilip Kumar (ed.).
Volumes 1,2: Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9789388789479.
1.Art, Indic. 2.Art, Asian. 3.India, Antiquities. 4.Asia, Antiquities. 5.Museum techniques in India. 6.Museum techniques in Asia.

Varsha, Harsha V. Dehejia.
New Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9788124609699.
1.Colors. 2.Painting, Indic.

Salim Zaweed.
Volumes 1,2: Gurugram: 2021. ISBN 9788182903708.
1.Architecture, Medieval in India, Rajasthan. 2.Architecturein India, Rajasthan. Designs and plans. 3.Rajasthan (India). Buildings, structures, etc. 4...

Sri P. Sripati (ed.).
Hyderabad : 2018.
1.Temples in India, Andhra Pradesh. History. 2.Andhra Pradesh (India). Antiquities.

Caterina Corni (ed.).
Kolkata: 2019. ISBN 9788194081302.
Jamini Roy (1887 - 1972), Indian painter, one of the most famous pupils of Abanindranath Tagore.
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