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Vikram Bhat.
Ghaziabad: 2020. ISBN 9789383419852.
1.Architecture in India, Chandigarh. 2.Architecture in India, Gandhinagar. 3.City planning in Chandigarh. 4.City planning in Gandhinagar. 5.Architec...

Shruti Parthasarathy (ed.).
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9788193732991.
K.B. Goel (1930 - 2018) was a Delhi-based Indian art critic who wrote on national-level art from the 1950s to the 1990s.

J.L. Bhan.
Volumes 1,2: New Delhi : 2019. ISBN 9789380009742 .
1.Hindu sculpture in India. Kashmir, Vale. 2.Hindu art in India. Kashmir, Vale. 3.Hindu antiquities in India. Kashmir, Vale. 4.Hindu gods in art. 5.Hi...

Parkash Kusha.
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9789351711810.
1.Cave architecture in India. Ellora Caves. 2.Cave temples in India. Ellora Caves. 3.Kailasanatha Temple (Ellora Caves, India). 4.Hindu temples in Ind...

Prabir De, Sreya Pan.
New Delhi: 2017. ISBN 9789386288479 .
1.India. Foreign economic relations in Mongolia. 2.Mongolia. Foreign economic relations in India.

Turmunkh Dorjkhand.
New Delhi : 2019. ISBN 9789388409025 .
Biography of President Battulga (Mongolian president from 2017), on his philosophy, life experiences, successes and failures as businessman to success...

Chatterji Suniti Kumar.
Kolkata: 2018. ISBN 9789381574157.
1.Mongoloid race in India. 2.India. History.

Naresh Bhardwaj.
New Delhi: 2018. ISBN 9788184206647.
1.Battles in India, Delhi (Sultanate). History. 2.Mongols in India, Delhi (Sultanate). History. 3.Delhi (Sultanate). Kings and rulers.

Suraya Amin Basu.
Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9789383837915.
1.Mongolia politics and government in 1992- 2.Mongolia. Social conditions. 3.Mongolia. Economic conditions. 4.Mongolia history. 1990-

Braja Kishor Padhi, Stitadhi Rath.
Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9789390124497.
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