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Zainab Priya Dala.
New Delhi: 2018. ISBN 9789388070539.
From the vantage point of her own personal history--a fourth-generation Indian South African of mixed lineage--indentured as well as trader class, par...

Ranjita Mohanty.
New Delhi: 2018. ISBN 9789352807277.
1.Economic development in India. 2.Democracy in India. 3.Social justice in India. 4.Political participation in India. 5.Civil rights in India.

D.M. Khandare.
Kanpur: 2018. ISBN 9789382730484.
1.Value added tax in India. 2.Value added tax. Law and legislation in India.

D.M. Khandare.
Kanpur: 2018. ISBN 9789382730491.
1.Value added tax in India. 2.Value added tax in India. Rates and tables.

O.P. Misra.
Kanpur: 2018. ISBN 9789386016683 .
1.Nehru Jawaharlal 1889-1964. Philosophy. 2.India. Economic conditions in 20th century. 3.India in Economic policy in 20th century.

Chaubey P.K. (ed.).
New Delhi: 2018. ISBN 9789386608284.
1.India Economic conditions in 20th century. Congresses.

Tarun Jain .
Lucknow : 2018. ISBN 9789387487673.
Value added tax in India.

Tuhin A. Sinha.
New Delhi: 2018. ISBN 9789388134095.
1.Infrastructure (Economics) in India. 2.Transportation and state in India. 3.Water resources development. Government policy in India. 4.India. Politi...

Jaywant R. Bhadane.
Kanpur: 2018. ISBN 9789387556034.
1.Demonetization in India. 2.Electronic funds transfers in India. 3.Information technology. Government policy in India.

Sudhakar Patra (ed.).
New Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9788193751367.
1.Sustainable development in India. Congresses. 2.Crops and climate in India. Congresses 3.Agriculture. Economic aspects in India. Congresses. 4.Clima...
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