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Olander A.
Tallinn: 2019. ISBN 9789949854622.
The sixth book in the "Lost Views" series covers three settlements in Polva County. All three were first mentioned in the 15th-16th centuries, in turn...

Olander A.
Tallinn: 2020. ISBN 9789949858118.
The seventh book in the "Lost Views" series is from Paernu. The city's rich history offers architecture from different centuries and styles, with exam...

Hvostov A.
Tartu: 2019. ISBN 9789949651528.

Tallinn: 2018. ISBN 9789949604739.

Pajusalu K.
Tallinn: 2020. ISBN 9789949684274.
Estonian system of place names, its structure, components, and morphology.

Vaino M.
Tallinn: 2019. ISBN 9789949684229.
Mati Und's (1944–2005) kind of trademark is obscure. There is a lot of this in his work, where it is always dark, there is a zero or ghost hour. Unt i...

Sirje Kiin.
Tallinn: 2019. ISBN 9789949031429.

Osa I, II : Tallinn: 2020. ISBN 9789949677603; 9789949677139; 9789949677610.
The friendship of Johannes Semper (1892–1970) and Johannes Barbarus (1890–1946) began in school and lasted a lifetime, they were interested in literat...

Tallinn: 2019. ISBN 9789949548705.
What kind of shoulder pads did Estonian women wear in the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries? As was the case with folk costumes, the folk costumes had their...

Hiiemaee R.
Tallinn: 2019. ISBN 9789985347645.
This book is like a document of the era, providing an overview of the current state of religious thinking with a look back. The book contains 100 them...
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