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Banas J.
Bratislava: 2021. ISBN 9788055180427.
The story of the most successful Czech-Slovak and one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs - Tomas Bata. Tomas Bata (1876-1932) was a Czech en...

Olach L.
Bratislava: 2021. ISBN 9788056907689.
Peter Stolar began his career as a villain, while still studying at the grammar school. He sold vouchers before tuzex. Because he was smarter than the...

Lackovicova L., Musilova M.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788082010773.
The story of the Slovak scientist, marsonaut and astrobiologist Michaela Musilova from publicist and presenter Lucie Lackovicova provides an insight i...

Pauer M.
Bratislava: 2021. ISBN 9788055642901.
A monograph on a world-renowned photographer, Dez Hoffmann, a native of Banska Stiavnica, who settled in Great Britain after World War II. In the 50'...

Meskova Hradska K.
Bratislava: 2021. ISBN 9788056907863.
The period between the two world wars offers a number of topics that allow us to understand and process the position of the Jewish community in Slovak...

Vadovic J.
Bratislava: 2021. ISBN 9788081973529.
Jan Vadovic was born in 1935 in Bratislava. In 1970 he emigrated with his family to Canada, where he still lives. In the book he describes his life in...

Marec A.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788089701483.

Comaj J.
Bratislava: 2021. ISBN 9788056907627.
Jan Comaj (1935-2020) was a Slovak journalist, writer and university teacher. The book is his own life story. It is dominated by three basic facts tha...

Michalek S.
3: Bratislava: 2021. ISBN 9788081599996.
In the continuation, in addition to the stories of interesting characters from the past, you can read about what the life of Czechoslovak soldiers in ...

Michalek S.
2: Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788081598920.
In the second part the authors of which are again historians from the Institute of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, you will find a wide ran...
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