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Hraskova E.
Bratislava: 2021. ISBN 9788056621288.
Nina is just in her thirties and longs to back away from a relationship that is suffocating her. Two dashes on a pregnancy test present her with the m...

Agg A.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788097368203; 978-80-973682-0-3.
The poem of the same name flew not only in Slovakia at the time of the spreading coronavirus pandemic. Many recited, set to music and shared it in the...

Sladkovic A.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788080469948; 978-80-8046-994-8.
On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Andrej Sladkovic's birth, a book is published in which the reader will find two masterpieces of this poet ...

Dzundova L.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788089889471; 978-80-89889-47-1.
Collection In the Sign of the Apple is the author's second collection of poems. This time, the poems are inspired by the sign of the apple, the forbid...

Ondrejicka E.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788055175010; 978-80-551-7501-0.
One of the most important poets of the current middle generation, Erik Ondrejicka, has become more of a philosopher-poet, but in his work he often dea...

Richter M.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788055168937; 978-80-551-6893-7.
Poetry about modern time.

Janebova D.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788089939169; 978-80-89939-16-9.
Dana Janebova (1953) already belongs to the foundations of Slovak poetry. Over the decades of her poetic work, she has profiled herself as a poet who ...

Marton J.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788082160027; 978-80-8216-002-7.
Collected poetry.

Demeterova K.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788080469290; 978-80-8046-929-0.
The new book of poems touches on the phenomenon of love. The author's deep inner experience of this human feeling against the background of sensitivel...

Sladkovic A.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788055174068; 978-80-551-7406-8.
On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Andrej Sladkovic's birth, a wonderful book was published. You can find nearly 40 poems and an explanatory ...
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