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Alexandra Esimaje, Josef Schmied (eds.).
Glienicke: 2019. ISBN 9783962030797.
The articles published in this volume of the Clarep Journal of English and Linguistics (C-JEL) are largely the outcome of the “Academic Writing for Af...

Robert Joseph Ochieng.
Glienicke: 2019. ISBN 9783962030742.
This is a morphosyntactic analysis of Dholuo verb system in Chomsky’s (2008) Derivation by Phase theory of syntax. Dholuo is a member of the Western N...

Francisca Kusi-Appiah (ed.) .
Glienicke: 2019. ISBN 9783962030803.
This Ghana, previously known as the Gold Coast, marked her sixty years of independence in 2017. Ghana has experienced several phases of governance: fr...

Chuu Krydz Ikwuemesi.
Glienicke: 2019. ISBN 9783962030704.
This book looks at mortuary activities and some creative acts associated with them in selected communities in Africa and the diaspora. Besides death n...

Jean-Marie Simon, Ennaji Moha.
Glienicke: 2020. ISBN 9783962030841.

Marcelous Nyiawung, Richard Mbifi, Roland Djieufack.
Glienicke: 2019. ISBN 9783962030964.
This book highlights the hurdles that beset the control of quality and prices of goods in the local markets in Cameroon. The proliferation of goods in...

Pamessou Walla.
Glienicke: 2019. ISBN 9783962030889.
This book is a collection of eight academic papers and a synopsis of the Romantic poetry. It accounts for the study of the tragic pattern in Shakespea...

Evelyne Kanyana.
Glienicke: 2019. ISBN 9783962030902.

L. Oladipo Salami, Mohammed A. Ademilokun.
Glienicke: 2019. ISBN 9783962030780.
Since the term “linguistic landscapes” appeared in the late 1990s, especially in the work of Landry and Bourhis (1997), the attention of linguists has...

Chidi Ugwu, Christian O. Agbo, Chuu Krydz Ikwuemesi.
Glienicke: 2019. ISBN 9783962030667.
This book is the outcome of a major conference initiated and organized at University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2013 by Society for Research and Promotion ...
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