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SHamruk A.
Saarbriuken: 2013. ISBN 9783659405549.

Danilevskii A., Dotsenko S., Poliakov F.
Volume 13: Frankfurt am Main: 2016. ISBN 9783631666746.
This volume includes articles and materials on the history of 20th and 21st century literature, arts, spiritual and religious life of the Russian Dias...

Camille Denise Lucido Rellosa .
Glienicke: 2017. ISBN 9783941267336.
This study examines F. Sionil Jose’s Viajero and Alfred Yuson’s Great Philippine Jungle Energy Cafe; as works of historiographic metafiction written u...

Ayo Kehinde, Rotimi O. Fasan (ed.).
Glienicke: 2017. ISBN 9783941267701.
The two dozen essays brought together in this Festschrift are from scholars from thirteen different Nigerian institutions. The interests of the essays...

Aminadab Havyarimana.
Glienicke: 2017. ISBN 9783941267244.
The present study explores the effectiveness of Nizonkiza’s Collocation Web Model (CWM) while teaching collocations. Nizonkiza claimed that the model ...

Eden A. Bueno.
Glienicke: 2017. ISBN 9783941267749.
The implementation of the Mother Tongue Based-Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) provides a new strategic direction to enrich the Ilocano language with ...

Christopher F. Bueno.
Glienicke: 2017. ISBN 9783941267725.
The UNESCO World Heritage site of the Historic City of Vigan is an exemplar case of good governance and committed leadership of the local government o...

Komi Begedou.
Glienicke: 2017. ISBN 9783941267183.
This book examines how Toni Morrison in The Bluest Eye (1970), James Baldwin in Just Above My Head (1979), Alice Walker in The Color Purple (1982) and...

Judith Joaquin Batin.
Glienicke: 2017. ISBN 9783941267206.
Hudhud is proclaimed by UNESCO as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity and which needs to be preserved as a record of cultural id...

Irene Fokum Sama-Lang .
Glienicke: 2017. ISBN 978-3-941267-32-9.
Security of employment is an integral part of the right to work, a core socio-economic right recognised and preserved by a variety of international hu...
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