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Peio K.IAvorov.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789540911373.
The book is about Gotse Delchev (1872-1903), who was immediately recognized by his contemporaries as the new apostle of national revolution. Bulgarian...

Lilkov V., KHristov KH.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789542822882.
The book is about the so-called "former people" identified by the ex-Bulgarian Communist Party as the real class enemy of the communist regime. Their ...

Ekimova-Melnishka M., Gerov A.N.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789545359422.
Mariana Ekimova-Melnishka is a translator, a journalist and a teacher at the New Bulgarian University. She is an author of numbers of travel notes wit...

Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789543781485.
A fascinating ethnological and ethnographic study on the Bulgarian Torlaks, an ethnic group inhabiting Northwestern Bulgaria. The book is divided into...

Penchev V.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789543263103.
The book is dedicated to the Bulgarians living abroad, more specifically in Central Europe. It tells about their life and idiosyncrasies, their relati...

Ognianova IU.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789549850819.
The book is dedicated to Iuliia Ognianova (1923-2016), who was a professor at the Higher Institute of Theatre Arts in Sofia.

Svit'k XXIII: Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786190100799.
This is roll 32 of the set Archive of Mediaeval philosophy and culture issued by Bulgarian specialists in the area of South-Eastern region.

Markov N.A.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786199077870.
"Gold Artifacts from Chiprovtsi (16th-17th Century) in the Collections of the National Museum of History in Sofia". The variety of gold artifacts made...

Inkova M.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789542953715.
"The Treasure of Khan Kubrat". In 1989, the Hermitage Museum in Leningrad, the USSR (today's St Petersburg in Russia) staged an exhibition at the Nati...

Vachkova V.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789543781515.
Bogomilism - one of the paradoxes of the Golden Age or an ancient and modern phenomenon? The Old and New Churches in Europe, historical facts, unknown...
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