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Minkov M.
CH.2: Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786191863235.
Pleasure, joy and light shine on us from the tales of Margarit Minkov. This is contemporary fiction written on understandable language with respect to...

Minkov M.
CH.1 : Sofiia: 2015. ISBN 9786191862023.
Pleasure, joy and light shine on us from the tales of Margarit Minkov. This is contemporary fiction written on understandable language with respect to...

Mindova L.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9786191529117.
“Drugata Itaka” (“The Other Ithaca”) is devoted to the Yugoslavian literature space and a big part from the essays in it are on the poetry of authors ...

Levcheva L.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789540910765.
Lena Levcheva is a contemporary Bulgarian poetess and theatre actress. The present book is a collection with poetry by her.

V'lchanova I.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789549612325.
“What we call “collapse” and is this thing even exist? Or what we call “success” and “victory”? “Ostrov Krakh” (“Island Collapse”) is not a dark novel...

Kolarov Z.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789542819141.
Seven novellas, nine tales or one novel about the hard path of a long return. Or – a novel about the artist, the work and the price. And mostly – a no...

Evtimov E.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789540910819.
Evtim Evtimov is among the most popular contemporary Bulgarian poets which is well known with his love poetry and texts for songs which turned very po...

Iordanova D.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9786191862610.
Dimana Iordanova is a contemporary Bulgarian poetess. Her poems has been published in literature periodicals such as “Stranitsa”, “Krustoput”, “More”,...

Desi Niko.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9786197198935.
“Alisa i petuk vecher” is the debut novel of Desislava Nikolova. It won the award in section “Fiction” at the Bulgarian national concurs for debut lit...

Karamanev G.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789549276497.
This book is a bibliographical novel about the famous Bulgarian photographer Iordan Irodanov – Iuri (1940-2009). It won the support award of the Union...

Liutskanova V.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789543111503.
It is not time for beautiful stories? Or perhaps it is the right time for them? Stories about love and friendship, about our devotion to one another, ...

Popov-Votan V.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9786191691050.
Valentin Popov-Votan is a contemporary Bulgarian writer. His works are in various genres, such as horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, crime, m...

Angelov B.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789540910789.
Boian Angelov is a contemporary Bulgarian writer. He is the director of the publisher “Bulgariski pisatel” and the chairman of the Union of the Bulgar...

Gospodinov B.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9786191862726.
“Kniga za Lola” is the debut collection with poetry of Bogomil Gospodinov. It won the support award of “Raifaizenbank” in section “Poetry” at the Bulg...

Angel G.Angelov.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789542616283.
Angel G. Angelov is a contemporary Bulgarian writer. With his novel – “Putuvaneto” (“The Travelling”), another mythical Island somehow ghostly but pow...

Karaliichev A.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789540910451.
Angel Karaliychev (1902-1972) was a famous Bulgarian writer of children's literature. The present book is a collection with tales by him.

Baev A.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789549612318.
This is a novel about the reality in Bulgaria between 20-s and 50-s of the 20th century. The novel is by the contemporary Bulgarian writer Anton Baev ...

Tomov A.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789549612301.
Failed maturation; mixing the virtual with the life reality; desperate aggression in seeking of identity, confession, presence… And sad looks to an un...

Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786191520008.
The book contains 77 Bulgarian folklore legends with their interpretations. They are about God, about evil and good, about the norm and human behavior...

SHopov T.
Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789540741420.
This book studies the language test. The authors’ intent is that the text to present the subject in a way that it to be understood unambiguously. This...
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