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Genov I.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789547912779.
In this book, the author Ivan Genov looks into the future and shows the transition to a second-generation Homo sapiens. The new human beings will have...

SamBat Imen.
Kn.1 Svit'k 1: Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789545783517.
Bulgarian history didn't start with Khan Asparuh or with his father Kubrat. Nor did it start in 165 AD, when Aga Ruzha solidified his position as the ...

Volgin P.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789547422551.
In this book, longtime Bulgarian National Radio journalist Peter Volgin challenges the status-quo and speaks about the world in a way which is very di...

Bogachov B.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789547339781.
Boris Bogachev, who retired from the Soviet army in 1984 as a much-decorated colonel, tells his story of the hell that was the Eastern Front during Wo...

D-r Gancho TSenov.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197444094.
The author Gancho Tsenov says in the introduction: "The early history of the peoples on the Balkan Peninsula is still unclear... If the newly arriving...

Georgi St. Georgiev.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197496048.
This is arguably the most remarkable book of military memoirs in Bulgarian literature. When it was first published in 1935, it became an absolute best...

Dimitrova V.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786190103134.
The book explores the impact of hygiene and medicine on people's lives and on poverty in the period between the two World Wars. Poverty seemed like a ...

IAnakiev IA.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789545154522.
You may have heard people reminiscing about the past and exclaiming: "Those times were so wonderful!" But when you think about it, you realize that th...

Toshev T.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786191642861.
A novel by journalist Tosho Toshev, longtime editor of one of Bulgaria's foremost daily newspapers, "Trud". The publisher of the book says: "Many thin...

Tachev S.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197496024.
Readers of this book will get immersed in the passions and the dramas of Bulgaria in 1885, shortly after its liberation from Ottoman Turkish rule. The...
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