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Podol'skii B.
Ierusalim: 2018.

Frenkel' V.
Ierusalim: 2018.

Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-560-2.

Eliad Moreh-Rosenberg.
Jerusalem: 2012. ISBN 978-965-308-411-7.
This catalog is based on approximately 200 portraits from the Yad Vashem Art Museum collection, which were painted by 21 artists, commemorating their...

Yehudit Shendar.
Jerusalem: 2006. ISBN 965-308-272-8.
The exhibition catalog features works by artists – from the generation of the survivors, the second generation, and contemporary artists – who expre...

Yehudit Shendar.
Jerusalem: 2006. ISBN 0-9764425-6-6.
Viewers joining the six-decade-long journey of Samuel Bak’s works through this catalog are presented with a multifaceted experience – an encounter wit...

Vivian Uria.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-572-5.
The exhibition presents the longings for Eretz Israel felt by Jews from the rise of the Nazi party to power in Germany, through the outbreak of Worl...

Vivian Uria.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-559-6.
This exhibition presents visual documentation of the Holocaust from three perspectives: the Germans, the Jewish victims, and the liberators, while emp...

Emilie Roi, Miriam Arad.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-547-3.
Maya’s family had lived in Denmark for many generations, and they were the only Jews in a small, sleepy village outside Copenhagen. Maya tells us abou...

Chajka Klinger.
Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-548-0.
Chajka Klinger joined Hashomer Hatzair and became a major activist in the Jewish Fighting Organization in Bedzin. The diaries provide a window into th...

Ruth Minsky Sender, Rebecca Wolpe.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-563-3.
The poems were written in the Nazi slave labor camp in Mittelsteine, Germany. The author wrote them in little notebooks while hiding in her bunk. Ever...

Jozef Kermisz, Tikva Fatal-Knaani, Shulamith Berman, et al.
Volume 1: Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-567-1.
The Jewish underground press in Warsaw was a tangible expression of the momentum of the political-underground enterprise. The press dealt with a myria...

Tadeusz Zaderecki, David Kahana, et al.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-579-4.
Shortly after the German Army took Lwow in the summer of 1941, Tadeusz Zaderecki began documenting the increasing persecution of local Jews. As a non-...

Dan Mikhman.
Volume 28: Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-555-8.
This study analyzes the current state of research regarding the development of Nazi anti-Jewish policies and the decision-making process that led to t...

Suzanne Brown-Fleming.
Volume 27: Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-546-6.
This volume offers a glimpse of the pressures faced by the German episcopate and, in turn, the Holy See in Rome as growing numbers of German Catholics...

Jan Tomasz Gross.
Volume 26: Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-543-5.
Research paper. Jan Tomasz Gross published a series of critical studies on the attitudes of Polish society towards Polish Jews during and after the Ho...

Arkadi Zeltser.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-573-2.
The book examines the connection between the memory of the Holocaust in the USSR and the ethnic identity of Soviet Jews, and describes the grassroots ...

Dina Porat; Dan Michman, Haim Saadoun.
Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-562-6.
During the second half of 1942, several events led to an initial understanding of the scope of the killings, and additional sources indicated the shif...

Dan Mikhman.
Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-561-9.
During the 1960s and 1970s, the rescue of Jews started to attract the attention of scholars, and the initiation of Yad Vashem’s recognition program fo...

Pinchas Bar-Efrat.
Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-526-8.
The book examines the attitude of the Dutch authorities toward the Jews during the Nazi occupation and particularly that of the directors of the vario...

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