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Oscar del Barco.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789877191240.
"En busca de las palabras" is a collection of critical and philosophical texts on literature and art, written by Oscar del Barco over the course of mo...

Buenos Aires: 2016.

Juan Carlos Scannone.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876937283.
"Laudato Si" is an interdisciplinary analysis of the encyclical Laudato Si, specifically examining how it relates issues of poverty and the environmen...

Mario Salvador Bisaccio.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789870297215.
Ecodesarrollo y geopolitica argentina" is a study on geopolitics and ecological/environmental issues in Argentina. Contents include: "Introduccion a l...

Monica Ruffino.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876937177.
"El norte grande argentino: Cultura y Region" is a collection of texts that define and detail the unique cultural and physical aspects of Argentina's ...

Cesar Rodriguez Garavito.
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876297479.
Day by day, destruction of the planet becomes more and more visible. Traces of plastic on rocks, in the ocean, and in the stomachs of fish and birds w...

Marta Maffia, Bernarda Zubrzycki.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789879616141.
"Africanos y afrodescendientes en la Argentina" is a study on African descendance in Argentina, particularly examining the Cape Verdean migrations fro...

Daniel Kerner.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876915991.
"Del modelo al relato: Politica y economia durante el kirchnerismo" explains the political and economic decisions made by the Kirchner government over...

Enrique O. Gussoni.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789871699292.
"El petroleo: eje de la economia y la politica contemporaneos" provides a geological analysis on Argentine hydrocarbons as well as its various statuse...

Arturo Escobar.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789873687273.
"Autonomia y diseno : La realizacion de lo comunal" analyzes Western capitalist modernity as a global crisis. Divided into the following three section...
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