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Oscar del Barco.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789877191240.
"En busca de las palabras" is a collection of critical and philosophical texts on literature and art, written by Oscar del Barco over the course of mo...

Buenos Aires: 2016.
"Venta ilegal en la ciudad de Buenos Aires" analyzes the causes and dynamics of illegal vendors' economic circuit in Buenos Aires' public spaces.

Juan Carlos Scannone.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876937283.
"Laudato Si" is an interdisciplinary analysis of the encyclical Laudato Si, specifically examining how it relates issues of poverty and the environmen...

Mario Salvador Bisaccio.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789870297215.
Ecodesarrollo y geopolitica argentina" is a study on geopolitics and ecological/environmental issues in Argentina. Contents include: "Introduccion a l...

Monica Ruffino.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876937177.
"El norte grande argentino: Cultura y Region" is a collection of texts that define and detail the unique cultural and physical aspects of Argentina's ...

Cesar Rodriguez Garavito.
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876297479.
Day by day, destruction of the planet becomes more and more visible. Traces of plastic on rocks, in the ocean, and in the stomachs of fish and birds w...

Marta Maffia, Bernarda Zubrzycki.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789879616141.
"Africanos y afrodescendientes en la Argentina" is a study on African descendance in Argentina, particularly examining the Cape Verdean migrations fro...

Daniel Kerner.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876915991.
"Del modelo al relato: Politica y economia durante el kirchnerismo" explains the political and economic decisions made by the Kirchner government over...

Enrique O. Gussoni.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789871699292.
"El petroleo: eje de la economia y la politica contemporaneos" provides a geological analysis on Argentine hydrocarbons as well as its various statuse...

Arturo Escobar.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789873687273.
"Autonomia y diseno : La realizacion de lo comunal" analyzes Western capitalist modernity as a global crisis. Divided into the following three section...

Fernanda Nicolini, Alicia Beltrami.
Buenos Aires: 2016. ISBN 9789500754620.
"Los Oesterheld" is a biographical work on cartoonist Hector Oesterheld and his family, including his four daughters, three sons-in-law, and two of hi...

Fabian Negrin, Marcela Garcia Henriquez de Sury.
Buenos Aires: 2016. ISBN 9789500208291.
"Frida y Diego. En el pais de las calaveras" is a fictional story about Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. On Day of the Dead, as people a...

Buenos Aires: 2015. ISBN 9789500753166.
"Inmigrantes: 1860-1914" is a study on the history of mass immigration to Argentina between 1860 and 1914. The work particularly examines cultural plu...

Gabriela Massuh, Maria Elena Walsh.
Buenos Aires: 2018. ISBN 9789500759441.
In 1981, Argentine writer, playwright, and composer Maria Elena Walsh announced she had cancer. As such, Gabriela Massuh began transcribing her daily ...

Tapiwa Matsinde.
United Kingdom: 2016. ISBN 9780995470606.
Discover Africa’s rising generation of fashion illustrators who are bringing diversity to the industry. Fashion Illustration Africa is a vibrant, visu...

Mario Epanya.
United Kingdom: 2017. ISBN 9780995470620.
"Beautiful" presents a stunning collection of existing and never before seen portraits featuring everyday women and models of colour and it pays homag...

Dike Okoro.
Milwaukee, WI: 2015. ISBN 9780967951140.
New Perspectives on Mazisi Kunene shares with readers an interview inspired by correspondence and prolonged conversations on the telephone. The focus ...

Balashova G.A.
Lac-Beauport, Quebec: 2016. ISBN 9781988391021.
The Reader includes sample works of modern writers starting with the first story by Afewerk Ghebre Jesus written in 1908 up to the writings of the ear...

Aleksandr Kancedikas, Lazar M. Lisickij, Matthew Drutt, et al.
London: 2017. ISBN 978-1-910787-96-0.
Printed in Slovenia for Latitude Press Ltd. El Lissitzky (1880 - 1941) is unquestionably one of Russian Modernism's most...

Maria Iribarren.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876937139.
"La imagen argentina: Episodios cinematograficos de la historia nacional" unveils the events, people, and cultural and political environments that sha...

Florencia Guzman, Lea Geler, Alejandro Frigerio, et al.
Buenos Aires: 2016. ISBN 9789876914581.
Cultural studies. Series of essays on the history of people of African descent in Latin America. Among the topics addressed are slavery and the labor...

Maria Alicia Gutierrez, Mariela Acevedo.
Buenos Aires, Argentina : 2016. ISBN 9789874086082.
"Entre-dichos-cuerpos" is a collection of essays that deconstruct binarisms that define the sociocultural choreography of our bodies -- For example, t...

Federico Baeza.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876915885.
"Proximidad y distancia" is a panoramic study on how contemporary arts provide a way to both view and shape our modern world and everyday realities, p...

Veronica Tell.
San Martin: 2017. ISBN 9789874027474.
The end of the nineteenth century was a time of profound changes in Argentina. Its growing participation in the world economy, the consolidation of t...

Manrique Giron, Raul and Claudio Perez Miguez.
Madrid, Espania: 2017. ISBN 9788494659430.
"El universo de Julio Cortazar: un recorrido iconografico" is a compilation of photos, facsimiles, and accompanying texts from an exhibition at the M...

Yehuda Julio Levin, Jewish Colonization Association.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789877231182.
"Las primeras poblaciones agricolas judias en argentina (1896-1914)" is a reduced and revised version of the doctoral theses "De la crisis al crecimie...

Antjie Krog, Silvia Jawerbaum, Julieta Barba.
San Martin, provincia de Buenos Aires: 2016. ISBN 9789874027207.
Ever since Nelson Mandela walked out of prison in 1990 after twenty-seven years behind bars, South Africa has been undergoing a radical transformation...

Israel Meir, ha-Kohen, David Zaretsky.
Jerusalem; New York : 1978.

Avrohom Blumenkrantz.

Moses Maimonides, Avraham Yaakov Finkel.
Scranton, PA: 2012. ISBN 1892692325.

Nachum Y. Kornfeld, Yeshiva Beth Moshe.
Scranton, Pennsylvania: 2016. ISBN 1892692384.

Menahem Mendel Schneersohn, Tzvi Freeman.
Holbrook, MA: 1999. ISBN 9781580621946.
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson is seventh in a prestigious line of chassidic rebbes. Even after his passing, he is known worldwide as simply "The Rebbe"...

Herrera Montero Luis.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876914383.
"Practicas chamanicas y teatralidad" is an exploration of literary art and theatre, particularly providing an epistemic analysis of theater in relati...

Getino Octavio.
Buenos Aires: 2016. ISBN 9789879355244.
"Cine argentino: Entre lo posible y lo deseable" offers a comprehensive vision of Argentine cinema, featuring critical descriptions of the films, data...

Campo Javier.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876937092.
"Revolucion y democracia" is a comprehensive study on documentary films produced in Argentina from 1976-1984, particularly focusing on political docum...

Tomas Calello.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789876916271.
"Tango siglo XXI" examines the relationship between tango, subjectivity, and society throughout history, dealing particularly with the artistic singu...

Borucki Alex.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789875748323.
"De companeros de barco a camaradas de armas" analyzes the lives of Africans in Buenos Aires and Montevideo between 1760 and 1860, particularly detail...

Berti Eduardo.
Buenos Aires: 2017. ISBN 9789873823206.
"Por que escuchamos a Anibal Troilo" is a study that delves into the reasons why some artists -- from different genres, origins, and times -- become e...

Charles Foster.
New York: 2001. ISBN 0684869195.

Donald Clarke, Mark Dartford.
New York
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