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Zina J. Gimpelevich.
Montreal, Kingston, London, Chicago: 2018. ISBN 9780773553170.
"One of the notable distinctions of Bielarusian authors, compared to other writers in Slavic literatures, is their depiction of Jewish characters as n...

Ditlev L. Mahler.
Volume 26: Odense: 2019. ISBN 978-87-7602-364-5.

Tommi Parkko.
Rajamaki: 2019. ISBN 9789527063859.

Uche Onyebadi.
Hershey: 2018. ISBN 9781522572954.
Provides innovative insights into providing music and songs as an integral part of sending political messages to a broader spectrum of audiences, espe...

Michael K. Johnson.
Jackson: 2018. ISBN 9781496821966.
Born in 1893, Emmanuel Taylor Gordon (1893-1971) became an internationally famous singer in the 1920s at the height of the Harlem Renaissance. Despite...

Diane Chehab, Epee Ellong.
Jefferson, N.C.: 2019. ISBN 9781476673806.
Descriptions of architectural styles, layouts, materials, and construction techniques are woven into this discussion of the larger historical and cult...

Robin Poynor, Roy Sieber.
Gainesville: 1995. ISBN 9780813013251.
An introduction to the notable collection of West African art from the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. It specifically addresses the role of the art obj...

Renzo Baas.
Basel: 2019. ISBN 9783906927084.
Renzo Baas is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, where he is working on African-American and African speculative ficti...

Mirjam de Bruijn.
Basel: 2019. ISBN 9783905758986.
Mirjam de Bruijn is Professor of Contemporary History and Anthropology of Africa, at Leiden University (The Netherlands). As an anthropologist she has...

Emma Andiievska, Olha Rudakevych, Marko R Stech.
Edmonton: 2018. ISBN 978189486549.
Emma Andiievska is a Ukrainian poetess, prose writer, and painter who lives in Munich, Germany. A highly original creative individuality, she is the a...
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