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Maano Ramutsindela, Giorgio Miescher, Melanie Boehi.
Basel, Switzerland: 2016. ISBN 9783905758771.
This book brings together recent and ongoing empirical studies to examine two relational kinds of politics, namely, the politics of nature, i.e. how n...

Avraham Greenbaum.
Jerusalem, New York ISBN 0930213-41-6.
"Under the table and how to get up" takes an informal look at the most important issue we all face: how to discover ourselves and attain genuine fulfi...

Moshe Kaplan.
Southfield, MI ISBN 1-56871-375-4.
A thought-provoking, lucid perspective on integrating mind, body, and soul in Judaism. As the trend to explore spirituality grows, many soul-searchers...

Afam Ebeogu.
New York: 2017. ISBN 9781940729190.
"Ethnosensitive Dimensions of African Oral Literature: Igbo Perspectives" is a collection of nineteen essays spanning all genres of African Oral lite...

R.V. Dmitriev (ed.).
Lac-Beauport, Quebec: 2017. ISBN 9781988391069.
The publication is the latest in the African Studies in Russia series of compilations and contains full articles and annotations of the most important...

New York ISBN 978-0-86639-013-2.
The first half of the book, “A Guide to Passover,” covers its history, ethical and philosophical basis, laws and customs along with the technical how-...

New York ISBN 978-0-9762472-2-7.
This all new annotated 24th edition of the Haggadah, published in 2013, has been extensively revised and enhanced for a smooth reading. The reasons be...

New York ISBN 978-0-9762472-8-9.
This all new annotated 24th edition of the Haggadah, published in 2013, has been extensively revised and enhanced for a smooth reading. The reasons be...

Ezio Bassani.
Milano: 2012. ISBN 9788857208695.
The Traditional Art volume presents a panorama of 6,000 years in the history of African art by highlighting archetypal and iconic works from various r...

Giuseppe Motta.
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: 2017. ISBN 9781527502895.
This volume focuses on the consequences that the First World War had on the Jews living in the notorious Pale of Settlement within the frontiers of th...

Norman Simms.
Volume 1: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: 2017. ISBN 9781443817301.
The focus of this volume is on essential themes, images and generic patterns, beginning with a Talmudic legend about four scholars. They, by means of ...

Norman Simms.
Volume 2: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: 2017. ISBN 9781527500211.
These further six chapters of Jews in an Illusion of Paradise now focus on individual exemplary figures and clusters of poets, dramatists, critics, jo...

Tudor Parfitt, Netanel Fisher.
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: 2016. ISBN 9781443899659.
One of the most striking contemporary religious phenomena is the world-wide fascination with Judaism. Traditionally, few non-Jews converted to the Jew...

Cynthia Michalski Horne, Lavinia Stan.
Cambridge, United Kingdom; New York: 2018. ISBN 9781107198135.
In the twenty-five years since the Soviet Union was dismantled, the countries of the former Soviet Union have faced different circumstances and respon...

Donald Mackenzie Wallace.
Cambridge: 2017. ISBN 9781108078542.
This significant history of late Tsarist Russia was first published in 1877; reissued here is the edition of 1912, the last to be revised and updated ...

Mustafa Ozgur Tuna.
Cambridge: 2017. ISBN 9781108447799.
Imperial Russia's Muslims offers an exploration of social and cultural change among the Muslim communities of Central Eurasia from the late eighteenth...

Nikolay Koposov.
Cambridge: 2017. ISBN 9781108410168.
Laws against Holocaust denial are perhaps the best-known manifestation of the present-day politics of historical memory. In Memory Laws, Memory Wars, ...

Lauri Malksoo, Wolfgang Benedek.
Cambridge: 2017. ISBN 9781108415736.
Why has there been a human rights backlash in Russia despite the country having been part of the European human rights protection system since the lat...

Marc P. Berenson.
Cambridge: 2018. ISBN 9781108420426.
Taxes and Trust is the first book on taxes to focus on trust and the first work of social science to concentrate on how tax policy actually gets imple...

Jordan Gans-Morse.
Cambridge: 2017. ISBN 9781107153967.
The effectiveness of property rights - and the rule of law more broadly - is often depicted as depending primarily on rulers' 'supply' of legal instit...

Andreas Goldthau.
Cambridge: 2018. ISBN 9781107183940.
Fracking is a novel but contested energy technology – so what makes some countries embrace it whilst others reject it? This book argues that the reaso...

Mary Buckley.
Cambridge: 2018. ISBN 9781108412704.
How, and why, did human trafficking out of Russia escalate at the beginning of the twenty-first century? Why did some labour migrants from Uzbekistan,...

Roger D. Blair, D. Daniel Sokol.
Cambridge: 2017. ISBN 9781107159136.
This Cambridge Handbook, edited by Roger D. Blair and D. Daniel Sokol, brings together a group of world-renowned professors in the fields of law and e...

Golin G.
N'iu-Iork: 2018. ISBN 0-9860805-9-4.

Babak Rezvani.
Volume 31: Leiden, Boston: 2014. ISBN 978-90-04-27635-2.
Conflict and Peace in Central Eurasia combines theory with in-depth description and systematic analyses of ethnoterritorial conflict and coexistence i...

Fridlib I.
San-KHose: 2005.

Fridlib I.
San-KHose: 2007.

Natalia Khanenko-Friesen.
Madison, Wisconsin: 2015. ISBN 978-0-299-30344-0.
Ukrainian Otherlands is an innovative exploration of modern ethnic identity, focused on diaspora/homeland understandings of each other in Ukraine and ...

Edmonton, Toronto; Kharkiv, Ukraine: 2014. ISBN 9781894865333.

Scheinbaum A.L.
Cleveland Hts., Ohio

Aryeh Kaplan.
New York, NY

Moshe Goldberger, Raymond Saka.

Scheinbaum A.L.
Cleveland Hts., Ohio: 2014. ISBN 0-9635120-0-5.

Jeff Rovin.
Boca Raton, FL: 1998.

Charles B. Chavel.
New York: 1987. ISBN 088328-030-2.

Judah Loew ben Bezalel, Yitzchok Adlerstein.
Brooklyn, N.Y. ISBN 1-57819-464-4.

Yonah Weinrib.
Brooklyn, N.Y.: 2014.

Tzvi Hebel, Yissocher Frand, Paysach J. Krohn, et al.
Brooklyn, NY: 2009. ISBN 978-1-60763-004-3.

Zelig Pliskin.
Jerusalem: 1991.
"Consulting the wise" is a compilation of simulated interviews with Torah scholars. The direct quotes from their writings focus on practical ways to e...

Moshe Goldberger, Nachas Unlimited.
Staten Island, Brooklyn, N.Y.: 2007. ISBN 9781932443776.
"Priorities in Tzedaka" is a practical guide that offers a deep understanding of the concept of tzedaka as well as the best way to organize one's own ...
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