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Niam-Ochir G.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99199-52-37-2; 9789919952372.
A book about the biography of the head of the Buddhist religion in Mongolia V Bogd(1815-1841).

Bilegsaikhan T., Amarbaiar S.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-3-959-6; 9789919239596.
Dariganga- an ethnic group that emerged in the late 17th - first half of the 18th centuries. People living in the southeast of Mongolia.

Batsaikhan E.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-3-469-0; 9789919234690.
Jalayr or Jalair or Jalait - a Mongol tribe that lived on the banks of the Onon River in the XII century.

Niamdendev T.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-3-904-6; 9789919239046.
The history of the last tragic years of the life of the state and public figure of Mongolia Yu.Tsedenbal in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the d...

Emkhetgesen K.Brak.
VI: Ulaanbaatar, Copenhagen: 2020. ISBN 978-99978-931-9-2; 9789997893192.

CHuluun S. (Red.).
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99978-976-4-0; 9789997897640.

TSeveendorzh D.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-9919-23-193-4; 9789919231934.

Sukhbaatar D.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-3-877-3; 9789919238773.

Mend-Ooyoo G.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99199-53-73-7; 9789919953737.

Narantuiaa D.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-3-892-6; 9789919238926.
This book consists of a scientific work of the author, based on research conducted on three main issues: 1. How the religion and customs of the Mongol...

Altantsetseg P.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-1-930-7; 9789919219307.
Biography of Lieutenant-General Ch. Purevdorzh, who for 12 years (1974-1986) continuously worked as Chief of the General Staff of the Mongolian Armed ...

CHuluun S. (ed.).
XI: Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-9919-9550-5-2; 9789919955052.
Initial materials of field ethnographic research carried out in 1969 in the Central, Khentii, Eastern, East Gobi and Central Gobi aimags.

KHuderbat N.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-3-534-5; 9789919235345.
One of the divisions that made a significant contribution to the history of the Mongolian Armed Forces is the 7th Cavalry Division of the Mongolian Na...

Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99978-7-048-3; 9789997870483.
The book is compiled in words and dialects to revive and spread the audience's forgotten vocabulary and rhyme, and some of the words are illustrated t...

Baiar TS.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-3-771-4; 9789919237714.
A novel.

Baiar TS.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-0-012-1; 9789919200121.
A novel based on historical events. The life and struggles of the mighty Shanyu are a source of pride to learn from their original history, which will...

Tamir SH.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-3-393-8; 9789919233938.

ZHambalsuren TS.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-3-169-9; 9789919231699.
A book about the wife of the state figure of Mongolia Y. Tsednbal - A.I. Filatova, who did a lot for the children and youth of Mongolia.

KHaliun E.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99199-61-60-2; 9789919961602.

Amgalanbaatar L.
1-r buleg: Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-0-176-6; 9789919201766.
The strongest enemies are the Demons of Hell and the Angels of Heaven, who will invade the world at the same time, and the armies of the Great Mongol ...
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