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IAnevskii D.
KHar'kov: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-8147-6; 9789660381476.
The new book continues to describe the events that took place in the territory of modern Ukraine in 1781-1914 after its occupation by the Russian Empi...

Domanovskii A.
KHar'kov: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-8151-3; 9789660381513.

IAnevskii D.
KHar'kov: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-8145-2; 9789660381452.
In the book the author expresses his own view of the history of Ukraine and emphasizes that the history of Rus'/ Ukraine is a component of the history...

Pilipenko IU.
KHar'kov: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-7913-8; 9789660379138.
This is a novel that combines a variety of genres. Love and adventure, history and art. One book, accidentally forgotten at Geneva airport, which will...

Garin I.
KHarkov: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-8148-3; 9789660381483.
Today we face with the unique social phenomenon - the final stage of transformation of the traditional Russian fascism into self-destroying Putinism. ...

Melekhov A.
KHar'kov: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-8162-9; 9789660381629.
This publication deals with tanks and aircraft of the Second World War. The author studies how technically the Soviet Union and Germany were prepared ...

Melekhov A.
KHar'kov: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-8228-2; 9789660382282.
Analytical study on the Soviet aircraft engines and aircraft of the Second World War.

SHovkovskii A.
Kiev: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7535-93-4; 9786177535934.
These are warm stories about childhood and important people. These are deep thoughts about the causes of ups and downs. This is a success story. And, ...

Kostina N., Talan S. i dr.
KHar'kov: 2018. ISBN 978-617-12-5076-5; 9786171250765.
Romantic stories from well-known Ukrainian writers.

Starostin V.
KHar'kov: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-8178-0; 9789660381780.
Four stories - four walks through the city. Each of the stories provides an opportunity to spend a fascinating day in the city of Dnipro. Four days, d...
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