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Stati V.
Odessa: 2013. ISBN 978-617-637-062-8; 9786176370628.
Comparative study of the formation of ethnic and linguistic realias of the Carpathian-Dniester range and in the area between the Carpathians and the D...

Kudlasevich A.
Dnipro: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7599-30-1; 9786177599301.
Collection of prose and poetry. Kudlasevich Anatol' is belarusian poet, prose writer, bard, member of the Writers' Union of Belarus.

SHutko O.
Knyha 3: Ternopil': 2019. ISBN 978-966-10-5893-3; 9789661058933.

Bestvitskaia T.
Kiev: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7349-95-1; 9786177349951.
This collection of poetry consists of three parts, separated by principle of the language in which the poems are written. The first chapter, written i...

Blazhennyi arkhimandryt Klymentii (Kazymyr hraf SHeptyts'kyi).
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-938-173-6.
The collection includes Clementine Sheptytsky's letters unknown to this time and unique photographs collected by the compilers of the publication arou...

Luzina L.
KHar'kov: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-8482-8; 9789660384828.
A novel about three young girls from Kyiv who unexpectedly accepted the gift of dying witch Kylyna.

IAvrumian Aram.
Kiev: 2019. ISBN 978-617-7672-89-9; 9786177672899.
These are funny stories about Yerevan resident, carpenter Martiros.

Horyts'ka H.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-8598-6; 9789660385986.
The exhausting summer of 1946 ends. One legged sailor, commander of the armored boat of the Pinsk military flotilla, finally returns home from the war...

IEshkiliev V.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-8671-6; 9789660386716.
The novel tells about Ivan Vyhovs'kyi and the hopes of the hereditary Ukrainian szlachta for a worthy place of Ukraine-Rus' in the most modern of the...

Hovda O.
KHarkiv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-8403-3; 9789660384033.
Fantasy novel which describes the adventures of our contemporary in the past.

Hnatiuk V.
Toma 1, 2: KHarkiv: 2018,2019. ISBN 978-966-03-8270-1; 978-966-03-8295-4; 9789660382701; 9789660382954.
Reprint of 1902, 1903. It is still the most complete and unequalled collection of legends in Slavic folklore. It contains Bible legends of the Old and...

Hnatiuk V., Svientsits'kyi I.
KHarkiv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-8285-5; 9789660382855.
Reprint edition of 1912.

Lomats'kyi M.
KHarkiv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-03-7492-8; 9789660374928.
The publication tells about the charming nature and people of Hutsul region, it contains legends, parables, and beliefs of the Hutsuls.

Bryzhak M.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-8400-2; 9789660384002.
Quite bold story by Marta Bryzhak impresses by its frankness in the description of erotic scenes. In search of a person who you can entrust your soul ...

Zinenko R.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-8462-0; 9789660384620; 978-966-03-8463-7; 9789660384637.
The new book by Zinenko R. features the result of a thorough study which is based on the memoirs of about a hundred soldiers and officers, from volunt...

Maslii M.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-7811-7; 9789660378117.
The collection contains the best Ukrainian songs of the twentieth century. The 1950 -1980s gave us a whole galaxy of talented composers and poets who ...

Kraliuk P.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-8667-9; 9789660386679.
The new book by Petro Kraliuk is dedicated to outstanding commander, hetman Petro Konashevych-Sagaidachnyi. The author pays attention to the creation ...

Andiievs'ka E.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-8653-2; 9789660386532.
The collection features poetry by Emma Andievskaya - an original poet, prose writer, artist, a bright representative of modernism in the Ukrainian lit...

Rapai K.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-378-648-3; 9789663786483.
The work by Kateryna Rapai is a narrative-testimony of the famous and unknown artistic Kyiv of the second half of the twentieth century.

Skira IU.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-378-665-1; 9789663786651.
The monograph examines the activities of the Studite statute concerning salvation of the Jews during the Holocaust in the territory of L'viv Archdioce...
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