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Mukhammad Ibni Makhmud Ibni Akhmadi Tusi.
Dushanbe: 2016. ISBN 978-99975-53-84-3; 9789997553843.
The encyclopedic work of the XIIth century gives valuable information about astrology, oceans, different countries, historical buildings, nature, natu...

Kodira R.
Dushanbe: 2017. ISBN 978-99975-924-8-4; 9789997592484.
The book reflects creative activity as well as pre-revolutionary life and years of the Soviet Union of Sadriddin Ayni (1878 - 1954), a Tajik intellect...

Dushanbe: 2017. ISBN 978-99975-965-0-5; 9789997596505.
The collection of articles about the famous modern Tajik writer Bachmanior, about his work activity and life.

Zarinkub A.
Dushanbe: 2017. ISBN 978-99975-0-765-5; 9789997507655.
The author focuses on reasons for the appearance and development of various literary criticisms.

Davlatbekov L.
Dushanbe: 2014. ISBN 978-999-75-404-2-3; 9789997540423.
The monograph presents socio-political state, life, works, genre characteristics, and stylistics of the poets of Badakhshan in the second half of the ...

Madaliev K.
Dushanbe: 2016. ISBN 978-99947-763-7-5; 9789994776375.
The book includes essays, talks, comments, journalistic articles about the life and work of the People's Writer of Tajikistan, laureate of the A. Ruda...

SHokirov T S..
KHudzhand: 2017. ISBN 978-99947-38-28-2; 9789994738282.
This monograph is the result of a series of lawyer linguistic studies of the author in Tajik philology and jurisprudence.

Dushanbe: 2017.

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