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Kozybaev I.M.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-9965-770-96-8; 9789965770968.
The book is a short essay on the life of a world-renowned mathematician, a major organizer of Russian science and public figure Umirzak Makhmutovich S...
Kniga predstavliaet soboi kratkii ocherk zhizneopisaniia uchenogo-matematika s mirovym imenem, krupnogo organizatora otechestvennoi nauki i obshchestvennogo de...

Bukarbai B.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-06-6141-7; 9786010661417 .
In 2019, for the first time in the history of independent Kazakhstan, the head of state was replaced. The second president, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, pro...
V 2019 godu vpervye v istorii nezavisimogo Kazakhstana smenilsia glava gosudarstva. Vtoroi po schetu prezident Kasym-ZHomart Tokaev predlozhil kontseptsiiu «s...

Tursynov E.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-06-6456-2; 9786010664562.
The new book of the well-known Kazakhstani director Ermek Tursunov rather symbolic and capacious title "Brick" contains his most notable journalistic ...
V novoi knige izvestnogo kazakhstanskogo rezhissera Ermeka Tursunova pod dovol'no simvolichnym i emkim nazvaniem «Kirpich», sobrany samye zametnye ego pub...

Beken Qairatuly.
Almaty: 2019. ISBN 9786018041341.
This recognition is characterized by the fact that the events of the Kazakh people in the colonial era are easily written in the form of journalistic ...

Serovaiskaia IU.IA., Serovaiskoi D.E., Seravaiskii S.IA.
Almaty: 2018. ISBN 978-601-06-48-07-4; 9786010648074.
Unlike traditional biographical and bibliographic collections about individual histoircal figures, cultural, educational and scientific workers, this ...

Smaghulov O.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 9786017342333.
This book tells the story of Makmet Kulmagambet, the first dissident of the Kazakh people, who devoted his life to the noble dream of the Kazakh peopl...

Nauryzbaeva Z.
Almaty: 2020.
2nd revised edition. In this book we are looking for an answer to the question: what is the Kazakh myth, the myth that has shaped our culture, its Sub...

Almaty: 2019. ISBN 978-9965-23-533-7; 9789965235337.

Almaty: 2018. ISBN 978-601-7090-26-5; 9786017090265.

Niusupova G.N., Niusupova G.N., Tokbergenova A.A., Aktymbaeva A.S.
CHast' 2: Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-04-4291-7; 9786010442917.
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