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Askarov A.
Almaty : 2020. ISBN 978-9965-770-95-1; 9789965770951.
Selected Stories. Alibek Askarov is one of the most widely known artists of the pen today. The writer's works are mainly based on the complex relation...

Almaty: 2020.

Almaty: 2020.

Kameron S.
Almaty: 2020.

Omarova G.
Almaty : 2018. ISBN 978-601-7458-79-9; 9786017458799.

Trissev V.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-7948-43-6; 9786017948436.

Izhanov Z.
CHast' 1: Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-253-067-4; 9786012530674.
The book presents archival documents from the Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the history of the Turgai region.
V knige predstavleny arkhivnye dokumenty iz TSentral'nogo gosudarstvennogo arkhiva Respubliki Kazakhstan po istorii Turgaiskoi oblasti.

ZH.B. Abylkhozhin (Redaktor), M.L. Akulov (Redaktor), A.V. TSai (Redaktor).
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-290-110-8; 9786012901108.
The collective monograph Living Memory studies the history of the Stalinist repressions in Kazakhstan in the 1930–1940s, the memory of them and their ...

Imanghazina B.
Almaty : 2017. ISBN 978-601-7828-80-6; 9786017828806.
The novel "Taukymet", tells the story of a beautiful and talented Kazakh girl, who at the age of seventeen was disabled due to a blood transfusion. Th...

Aubakirova ZH.
Almaty: 2019. ISBN 978-601-7588-00-7; 9786017588007.
The book of the famous pianist Zhania Aubakirova is a lively and frank story about music and the profession, observation of vivid and emotionally rich...
Kniga izvestnoi pianistki ZHanii Aubakirovoi - eto zhivoi i otkrovennyi rasskaz o muzyke i professii, nabliudeniia za iarkimi i emotsional'no nasyshchennymi, v...
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