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Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-06-6843-0; 9786010668430.
The Batyrkhan Shukenov Public Foundation with the support of the Bulat Utemuratov Foundation published the book "Batyr Live" about the life of Batyrkh...

Segizbaev D.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-7910-32-7; 9786017910327.

Mukhameduly A.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-7967-21-5; 9786017967215.
The book is based on the unique life stories of mothers who left their mark in the history of mankind by raising great, outstanding geniuses.
Kniga osnovana na unikal'nykh zhiznennykh istoriiakh materei, ostavivshikh sled v istorii chelovechestva tem, chto vospitali velikikh,vydaiushchikhsia geniev, vliiavshikh...

Izhanov Z.
Almaty: 2016. ISBN 978-601-253-144-2; 9786012531442.
The book "Alamesek" presents archival documents on the history of the Perovsk district of the Syrdarya region (Kzyl-Orda region) and the Alamesek volo...

Akhetov A.
Almaty: 2020.
The new book of the talented poet and writer Amantai Akhetov is permeated with sad reflections on the life and spiritual world of man.

Dandybaeva Z.
Almaty: 2019. ISBN 978-601-239-561-7; 9786012395617.
Collection of poetry.

Dandybaeva Z.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-239-592-1; 9786012395921.
The heroine is a collective image - constantly on the road. She flies, rides, goes to meet her happiness. And on the way he learns new countries, citi...

Dandybaeva Z.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-239-617-1; 9786012396171.
The novel is the continuation of the book "Ghosts from the past". Lady Dasha is forced to wander around Europe to hide her tracks. Her maternal duty i...

Akhmetova L.S.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-7419-20-2; 9786017419202.
As a result of archival searches, new materials were found, the stories of regiments and other military units of the Panfilov division were written, a...
V rezul'tate arkhivnykh poiskov byli naideny novye materialy, napisany istorii polkov i drugikh voinskikh podrazdelenii Panfilovskoi divizii, opisany podv...

Nurpeisov B.K.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-06-6302-2; 9786010663022.
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