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t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-487-92-7; 9789941487927.
In this book, well-known fathers (Mikhail Dzavakhashvili, Konstantin Gamsakhurdia, Paolo Iashvili) and sons write about each other and each other. Per...

t'ina cilaze .
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-31-257-1; 9789941312571.
Tina Chiladze wrote an interesting book for everyone. His personal life from the very beginning and naturally became a companion of famous brothers, w...

javaxaze vaxtang.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-31-254-0; 9789941312540.
On June 29, 1935, in Paris, emigrant Ilia Zdanevich met with Galaktion Tabidze on the instructions of the government-in-exile of the Republic of Georg...

natalia zeipasi.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941312441.
Dialogues with Gia Kancheli is a kind of autobiography of the great Georgian composer, in which the composer tells about his life, parents, childhood,...

alio kobalia.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-487-87-3; 9789941487873.
The dictionary contains about 100,000 words. Most of the Megrelian words in it are based on materials found during fieldwork in Abkhazia and Samegrelo...

lasa bugaze.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941312632.
Three plays by the famous contemporary writer Lasha Bugadze about the influence of politics on people's lives.

taqaisvili e.
IХ tomi: t'bilisi: 2020.
The book includes the correspondence of the great scientist.

giorgi lobzanize.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-487-91-0; 9789941487910.

plurakisi andreas, bugaze lasa, xaratisvili nino.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-487-88-0; 9789941487880.
Medea is one of the most popular characters in the world art culture. Medea fascinates the creators of the world in completely different ways in diffe...

levan berzenisvili.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 9789941487347.
These two words, yes and no, perfectly express the essence of literature that can be formulated in such a way: Fiction is a lie constructed by the aut...
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