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korzaia-samadasvili ana.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 9789941302299.
Imagine being under the floor. Would you be happy? Isn't that right? Elizabeth was not happy either. She wanted joy, dancing, long journeys and Sandro...

dumbaze nodar.
t'bilisi: 2015. ISBN 9789941458217.
One of the most famous novels by Nodar Dumbadze, which immediately became a favorite book of Georgian and not only Georgian readers.

morcilaze aka.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941321924.
This series combines diverse, rich, innovative Georgian literature.

abduselisvili giorgi.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941310973.
The novel describes the events that took place during the reign of the last crown prince of Kartli-Kakheti, Giorgi XII. In parallel with the difficult...

moroskina lali.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941321450.
Lali Moroshkina - Doctor of Philology, political scientist, PR-technologist, journalist. 1. Deputy Minister of Special Affairs (2001-2003) 2. Chief Ad...

totogasvili nikoloz.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941321436.
One is from a wealthy family, born with a brilliant appearance and special skills, and the other is a descendant of poor parents, a child with nothing...

janelize elene.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941310843.
Literary play - with syllables and paradoxes, smiles and pain - fills the contours of this original world, and this manner of narration is both book-l...

karumize zurab.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941311796.
Two contrasting stories unfold in Zurab Karumidze's novel: one tells the story of a Norwegian poet and playwright, Dagny Joel (1867-1901), a beautiful...

eliasvili ket'.
 2020. ISBN 9789941472138.
The novel tells how people lived and what they experienced in a dark, frozen city where little girls faded, little boys disappeared, and adults feared...

savaneli saba.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941310867.
What qualities do people have or what events determine the rules of life that most people are forced to obey? Does it even need a right if it is uncon...
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