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taqaisvili e.
VI tomi: t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-478-46-8; 9789941478468.
The sixth volume of Ekvtime Takaishvili’s work was dedicated to the Mariam’s Kartlis Tskhovreba (The Georgian Chronicles) ecclesiastical edition.

nioraze g.
IV tomi: t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-958-64-9; 9789941958649.
The fourth volume relates to the anthropological and ethnographic studies of the Georgian scientist Georgy Nioradze.

guruli v.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-9534-9-1; 9789941953491.
The book is devoted to the relations of Kartli-Kakheti with Russia in the time of Heraclius II. The book is based on studies published by Georgian and...

t'evzaze g.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-30-128-5; 9789941301285.
The book reveals the various historical stages of modern Georgia and the history is viewed in a completely different way.

t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-8-0651-3; 9789941806513.
The book reflects the political orientation of the current government of Georgia.

kekelia i.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-478-53-6; 9789941478536.
The book presents one part of Georgia - Samegrelo as reflected in the notes of the German traveler Edward Aykheld.

kekelia i.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-478-55-0; 9789941478550.

kekelia i.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-478-54-3; 9789941478543.
Lechkhumi is a historic province in northwestern Georgia which comprises the area along the middle basin of the Rioni and Tskhenistskali and also the ...

t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-478-28-4; 9789941478284.
Diary of Jean Chardin's travel in the Caucasus. Translation from French.

murie z.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-478-29-1; 9789941478291.
The work of the French publicist and scholar of the XIX century Jules Murier. The book was published in 1884 for the first time.

rade g.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-478-59-8; 9789941478598.
Gustav Rade three times - in 1867, 1874 and 1893 - organized the scholarly expedition "Ottoman Empire in Georgia", as well as in historical northern A...

javaxaze v.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-478-48-2; 9789941478482.

guruli z.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 9789941478673.

kakabaze n.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-478-32-1; 9789941478321.

bagauri n., batiasvili z., berize i., kudava b. (et al.).
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 9789941478178.
The book contains a catalogue of historical and cultural monuments from this region as well as a catalogue of manuscripts and historical documents an...

petviasvili r.
t'bilisi: 2016. ISBN 978-9941-463-84-6; 9789941463846.
The album includes paintings and graphic works created by the prominent artist when she was 6-11 years old. Various techniques and materials (pencil, ...

Anfimiadi D.
Tbilisi: 2018. ISBN 9789941239762.
To understand Georgia, it should first try to unravel the mystery of its taste. Nothing tells more about the traditions, customs, past or present of a...

t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-478-16-1; 9789941478161.
The "stories" are arranged chronologically which lets follow Dimitri Kipiani's life starting from his childhood right to his martyr-like death. The "...

zaalisvili m.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-463-62-4; 9789941463624.
The characters in Medea Zaalishvili’s autobiographical book are mostly the people who created the culture and science of XXth century Georgia. Thereby...

 2017. ISBN 978-9941-463-42-6; 9789941463426.
The documentary novel narrated by the protagonist describes the tragic events of a mixed Georgian-Abkhaz family. A deep psychological portrayal and sp...
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