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Baki: 2020. ISBN 978-9952-526-83-7.
An anthology titled "Master's breathless rhyme" prepared by the Azerbaijan Ashugs Union (AAB) has been published. AAB Secretary, Honored Cultural Work...

Baki: 2020. ISBN 978-8020-1903-5-4.
The anthology was prepared by the chairman of the Ashugs Union, honored scientist, professor Maharram Gasimli and professor Mahmud Allahmanli. In the ...

Rafiq Qorqud.
Baki: 2020.

Farman Karimzada.
Baki: 2020. ISBN 9789952827897.
Farman Karimzadeh's novel "Khudafar's Bridge" describes the historical events of the late 15th and early 16th centuries, Shah Ismail Khatai's childhoo...

Baki: 2020. ISBN 978-9952-36-867-3.

Vasif Qafarov .
Baki: 2020. ISBN 5-86874-496-9.
The work covers a very complex, controversial and at the same time interesting period in the history of Azerbaijan. The monograph comprehensively exam...

Sadiqov Islam Huseyn oglu.
Baki: 2020. ISBN 978-9952-8200-4-1.

Sardar Zeinalov, El'chin Guseinov, Mina Munshieva, Saida SHarifova, SHakhnaz Gakhramanova .
Baku: 2019. ISBN 978-9952-8305-2-1.
This scientific work is devoted to amino acids of protein origin - natural proteinogenic amino acids, vital metals and their metal complex derivatives...
Dannyé nauchnyé trud posvÿùen aminokislotam belkovogo prois­khozh­de­niÿ – prirod­nym proteinogennym aminokislotam, zhiznenno vazhnym me­tal­lam i ikh metal...

Akhmedzade A.
Baku: 2020. ISBN 978-9952-36-477-4.
The book describes the main military-political and socio-social events: the occupation, resettlement and placement in the Caucasian Azerbaijan from th...

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