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Vaqif Sirinoglu.
Baki: 2020. ISBN 978-9952-475-09-8; 9789952475098.
This book presents the most important historical events and natural disasters in Tabriz, religious events and national holidays, everyday life and ent...

Sahzada Nadir Mirza Qacar.
Baki: 2019. ISBN 978-9952-514-86-5; 9789952514865.

Sanan Ibrahimov.
Baki: 2020.

Baki: 2019. ISBN 978-9952-37-331-8; 9789952373318.
The goal is to present the first ever large-scale work by translating the manuscript of Imadaddin Nasimi, which has not yet been published in our coun...

Teymur Karimli.
Baki: 2019. ISBN 978-9952-8380-5-3; 9789952838053.
In the monograph, a special section is devoted to the study of the life and work of Imadaddin Nasimi in Azerbaijan, the assessment of the exceptional ...

Calal Qasimov.
Baki: 2018.
The monograph of Professor Jalal Gasimov “Bakir Chobanzade” is devoted to life and the environment, literary criticism and folklore of prominent figur...

Calal Qasimov.
Baki: 2018. ISBN 978-9952-4540-9-3; 9789952454093.
This book, presented to a wide circle of readers, is the first democratic state in the East of the Republic of Azerbaijan that created the Intelligenc...

I, II: Baki: 2019, 2020. ISBN 978-8020-1944-5-1; 9788020194451.

Elbayi Calaloglu.
Baki: 2020.
Essays, interviews and short stories written by renowned writer, publicist poet and researcher Elibey Jalaloglu have been written to date. The book al...

Calal Qasimov.
Baki: 2019. ISBN 978-8020-1934-5-4; 9788020193454.
The monograph of Professor Gasymov, rich in new facts, examines the literary, cultural, philosophical and political essence of the First Turkic Congre...
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The chronicle of I.S. Turgenev's life and creative work. 1859 -1862.

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