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Sutyrin V.
Vypusk 11: Ekaterinburg: 2019.
Ksenia Aleksandrovna Nekrasova (January 18, 1912 - February 17, 1958) was a Russian and Soviet poet.

CHerepanov S.I.
CHeliabinsk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-6041037-9-1.
The collection was published regarding the 110th birth anniversary of the writer Sergey Ivanovich Cherepanov (1908-1993).

Gizatullin R.N.
CHeliabinsk: 2018.
The first comprehensive historic narrative about educational institutions of Troitsk from 1751 till the beginning of the XXth century; based on archiv...

Bozhe V.S.
CHeliabinsk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-6041037-4-6.
The relations between the state and the church in 1917-1937; based on archival materials.

Kal'pidi V.O.
CHeliabinsk: 2019. ISBN 978-5-903322-86-2.
Vitaly Olegovich Kalpidi is a Russian poet, publisher, poetry philosopher, literary critic, prize-winner of numerous literary awards.

Tom 4: CHeliabinsk: 2018.

Poliakov S.
CHeliabinsk: 2013. ISBN 978-5-903322-74-9.
The author is a prize-winner of the South-Ural Literary Award (2013).

CHipinova N.F.
SHadrinsk: 2017. ISBN 978-5-87818-535-6.

Vypusk 1: Izhevsk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-906306-24-1.

Kolesnikov A.G., Korobkov S.N., Iniakhin A.B. et al.
Ekaterinburg: 2018. ISBN 978-5-98955-173-6.
The history of Sverdlovsk State Academy Theatre of Musical Comedy.

Matafonova IU.K.
Ekaterinburg: 2018. ISBN 978-5-98955-176-7.
The book is dedicated to Alla Naumovna Lapina, a Merited Worker of Russian Culture, renowned theater critic.

Evgen'ev A.A.
Tom 1: Orenburg: 2018. ISBN 978-5-6040395-6-4.

Matafonova IU.K.
Ekaterinburg: 2018. ISBN 978-5-98955-179-8.
Georgy Konstantinovich Kugushev (1896-1971) was the People’s Artist of the Russian SFSR, and one of the founders of Sverdlovsk State Academy Theatre o...

Sushkov A.V.
Ekaterinburg: 2018. ISBN 978-5-907080-23-2.
The Leningrad affair, or Leningrad case (Russian: "Leningradskoye delo"), was a series of criminal cases fabricated in the late 1940s–early 1950s by J...

IAblonskii N. (ed.).
Ekaterinburg: 2017.
The book runs about important landmarks in the history of the Urals and Yekaterinburg in particular from the end of the 17th century up to present day...

Savichev A.A.. Savicheva M.P.
Ekaterinburg: 2018. ISBN 978-5-6042335-0-4.
On early years of Pavel Petrovich Bazhov’s life spent in Sysert.

Smirnov V.N.
Ekaterinburg: 2018. ISBN 978-5-7845-0549-1.
The history of legal profession in Russia from the XVth century till present days.

Smykalin A.S., Mitin A.N.
Ekaterinburg: 2018. ISBN 978-5-7845-0560-6.
The monograph presents the analysis of legal and economic issues of the development of the penitentiary system in Russia, including the prison reform ...

Riazanov S.M.
Perm': 2017. ISBN 978-5-6040619-0-9.
Based on previously unknown archival materials.

Pestova A.I.
Perm': 2018. ISBN 978-5-6040951-4-0.
Anatoly Moiseyevich Ovchinnikov (born 1939) is Merited Artist of Russia, outstanding artist-stonecutter.
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