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Lupachev V.P.
Tom 5: Arkhangel'sk: 2020. ISBN 978-5-6043192-5-3.
V etoi knige rasskazyvaetsia, kogda, gde i kak nachinalos' razvitie dobyvaiushchego flota na Severe i rybnoi promyshlennosti strany. S kakimi trudnostiami pri...

Lupachev V.P.
Tom 4: Arkhangel'sk: 2020. ISBN 978-5-6043192-8-4.
V etoi knige rasskazyvaetsia, kogda, gde i kak nachinalos' razvitie dobyvaiushchego flota na Severe i rybnoi promyshlennosti strany. S kakimi trudnostiami pri...

Loginov A.A.
Arkhangel'sk: 2020. ISBN 978-5-6044491-3-4.
The author: Loginov Alexander Alexandrovich (born 1948) is a poet, a member of the Writers' Union, a prize-winner of several literary awards.
V novuiu knigu Aleksandra Loginova voshli stikhi poslednego desiatiletiia. CHast' iz nikh — iz predydushchikh knig, opredeliaiushchikh put' i razvitie poeta. Eshche ne pr...

Arkhangel'sk: 2019. ISBN 978-5-604-3720-1-2.
V sbornik vkliucheny doklady uchastnikov nauchno-prakticheskoi konferentsii «Arkheologiia v muzeinykh kollektsiiakh», kotoraia proshla v Arkhangel'skom kraevedcheskom...

Arkhangel'sk: 2020. ISBN 978-5-6043719-0-9.
In three chapters - “Front-line soldiers and homeworkers remember”, “Children of the war” remember, “Children and grandchildren tell about their relat...
V triokh glavakh – «Vspominaiut frontoviki i truzheniki tyla» «Vspominaiut deti voiny», «Rasskazyvaiut deti i vnuki o svoikh rodnykh – frontovikakh i truzhenikakh...

Teplukhina N.A.
Arkhangel'sk: 2020. ISBN 978-5-6043719-8-5.
Author: Teplukhina Nadezhda Alekseevna is a Nyandoma poetess, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.
«Knigi ne poiavliaiutsia sami po sebe, ikh predposylki – sama zhizn'. Vot i eta voznikla ne vdrug, ne srazu, ne s khodu, ne v odno chrezmerno bystroe mgnoveni...

ZHilina D.I.
Arkhangel'sk: 2020. ISBN 978-5-6043720-2-9.
This book is the first attempt to describe the life, structure of the Orthodox community of the village of Bereznik of the Arkhangelsk region for a sh...
Eta kniga – pervaia popytka opisaniia zhizni, byta, ustroistva pravoslavnoi obshchiny poselka Bereznik Arkhangel'skoi oblasti za nebol'shoi period vremeni – s...

Arkhangel'sk: 2020. ISBN 978-5-6043720-8-1.
The book was written by the participants of the literary association "Red Cross". It is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet...
Kniga napisana uchastnikami literaturnogo ob'edineniia «Krasnobor'e». Posviashchaetsia ona 75-letiiu Pobedy sovetskogo naroda v Velikoi Otechestvennoi voine 19...

Arkhangel'sk: 2020. ISBN 978-5-6043720-6-7.
By the centenary of the outstanding Russian writer of the 20th century, Fedor Abramov, a collection of his notes made by him in 1939 during the field ...
K stoletiiu vydaiushchegosia russkogo pisatelia XX veka Fedora Abramova vykhodit v svet sobranie ego zapisei, sdelannykh im v 1939 g. v khode polevoi fol'klorno...

Vypusk 15: Arkhangel'sk: 2020. ISBN 978-5-604-371-9-7-8.
The reports cover certain bright pages of the military history of Russia, fortifications and the navy, the fate of the defenders of the Fatherland. Ma...
V piatnadtsatom sbornike predstavleny stat'i i teksty dokladov, po voenno-istoricheskoi tematike, prochitannye na XXXV, XXXVI, XXXVII, XXXVIII obshchestvenno...
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%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",0,14) $LB(<br>MIPP International and eLIBRARY.RU have recently announced a subscription 2012 to 34 journals on Literature and Linguistics </b> from the authoritative Russian publishers.|DETAILS|.,Academic journals from eLIBRARY.RU,/doc/MIPP_eCatalog_LingLit_pdf.pdf)
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%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,10) $LB(Integrum database services represent the expansive electronic archive of Russian and CIS mass media. The collection covers newspapers, magazines, teletypes of information agencies, analytical and statistical bulletins, texts of laws and decrees and much more. <br>\r\nGrasp an opportunity to have a free trial access to Integrum databases. For more information contact |<b>MIPP Electronic Resources Department!</b>|\r\n,Integrum database - take a free trial now!,
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,11) $LB(ACADEMIC STUDIES PRESS – an American publishing company specializing in Jewish and Slavic studies. MIPP International distributes all the publications of ACADEMIC STUDIES PRESS at publisher’s price. We would be happy to receive your orders at <br>\r\n|<b>Check the latest SLAVIC catalog!</b>|\r\n,New Catalogs from Academic Studies Press!,/doc/Academic_studies_press_catalog2010_SLAVIC.pdf)
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%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,18) $LB(Institutional subscription to 145 academic journals on <b>Humanities and Social Sciences </b> is available at platform on an annual basis. The collection offers broad coverage of subjects such as Literature and Linguistics, Art and Culture, History, Social Sciences, Religion, and more.\r\nThis package features prominent Russian journals such as “Voprosy kul’turologii” and “Rossiia i sovremennyi mir” (2007-2012), “Sibirskii filologicheskii zhurnal” , “Literaturovedcheskii zhurnal” and “Zhivaia starina” (2008-2012), “Voenno-istoricheskii zhurnal” (2009-2012) and more. For more information contact |<b>MIPP Electronic Resources Department!</b>|,eLIBRARY Humanities and Social Sciences Collection,
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