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Bogdanova E.N., Zalyvskii N.P.
Arkhangel'sk: 2017. ISBN 978-5-98450-546-8.

Smirnov G.D.
Arkhangel'sk: 2017.
The book runs about M.V. Lomonosov and his contribution into exploration of the Arctic Region; the expeditions lost in the Arctic Region; Arctic inhab...

SHubin S.I.
Arkhangel'sk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-98450-592-5.

Tunkina A.N.
Arkhangel'sk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-6041262-3-3.
Borok is a village in Vinogradovsky Region of Arkhangelsk Oblast, which was mentioned in 1137 for the first time. The book is based on archival docume...

Popova L.D.
Arkhangel'sk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-98450-590-1.
The edition was prepared regarding the 20th anniversary of the Northern History and Genealogy Society and includes the researches made by its members.

Goldin V.I., Zubov A.S.
Arkhangel'sk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-98450-581-9.

Goldin V.I.
Arkhangel'sk: 2017. ISBN 978-5-261-01271-9.

Miskevich I.V., Moseev D.S., Bryzgalov V.V.
Arkhangel'sk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-7536-0474-3.
The monograph deals with the results of comprehensive studies of the northern part of the Sukhoi More Bay in the Dvina Gulf of the White Sea, conducte...

Parolov I.V., Trifonov IU.N.
Arkhangel'sk: 2017. ISBN 978-5-98450-559-8.
The first publication in the format of a reference book of the systematized technical characteristics and the outlines on the watercrafts history of t...

Mishchenko G.M.
Arkhangel'sk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-98450-588-8.
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