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Pustovit V.
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii: Vladivostok: 2017. ISBN 978-5-87750-349-6.
The book dwells on the phenomenon of 1917-1922. Petropavlovsk city Duma, which, having no administrative authority (except for one day between the red...

Pigareva N.
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii: Vladivostok: 2017. ISBN 978-5-87750-352-6.
The third book is about famous people of Kamchatka.

SHestakov A.V., Safonov D.A. (ed.).
Vypusk 34: KHabarovsk: 2016. ISBN 978-5-94961-105-0.
A new literary edition is devoted to the study of the actual problems of culture and art in the Russian Far East and in Russian China in early 20th ce...

CHerkashina A.
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii : 2013. ISBN 978-5-87750-304-5.
The book contains biographical data on 47 national masters and amateur artists from small peoples of the north of Kamchatka, who lived in the village ...

D'iakov V.I., D'iakova O.V.
Tom XVII: Vladivostok: 2016. ISBN 978-5-80441624-0.
The first Kurgan structures appeared in Primorye at the end of the 1st millennium BC. The creators of the Kurgan necropolis were carriers of the Lida ...

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