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Vypusk 5: Mtsensk: 2018.
Marking the 200th anniversary of I.S. Turgenev birth and the 190th anniversary of L.N. Tolstoy birth.

Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-74-58-1303-0.
The book tells about Maxim Gorky traveling on the Voronezh land which became the source of his works.

Podushkov D.L.
Vyshnii Volochek: 2018. ISBN 978-5-93488-212-0.
The book presents all the known circumstances of the stay of prominent Russians in Vyshnevolotsky district, on the territory of the current Udomlya di...

Gerasimova I.S.
Smolensk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-98156-917-3.

Vypusk 5: Smolensk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-98156-895-4.

Abduramanova S.N.
Belgorod: 2018. ISBN 978-5-906952-90-5.
The catalog presents 114 drawings of Valentina Kontrolskaya. These drawings are the most valuable source for studying the traditional ornament of the ...

Volokhova N.V.
Kursk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-907049-51-2.
The study is about the consideration of the anthropological, aesthetic, ethical views of L.N. Tolstoy, reflected in his literary and philosophical her...

Donish A.
Orel: Riazan': 2018. ISBN 978-5-91468-262-7; 978-99975-311-0-0.
Ahmad Donish (1827-1897) was a Tajik scholar, writer, educator, philosopher, thinker and poet, statesman of the Bukhara Emirate.

Afonin L.N.
Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-91468-258-0.
This book presents information about the corners of the Oryol region, which are associated with the life of the classic.

Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-9708-0714-9.
The collection of works for 10 years.

Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-9708-0712-5.
The book includes works by more than thirty authors, both well-known and just beginning to try themselves in literature.

Polukhin O.V., Maiorova T.V.
Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-903259-12-0.
Based on archive documents.

Pakhomov N.D. (ed.).
Kursk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-91267-060-2.
Works of modern poets and novelists, journalists and ethnographers, members of The Writers Union of Russia and The Kursk Writers' Union, winners of li...

Kursk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-91267-056-5.

Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-91468-262-7.

Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-91468-261-0.
Research of social and political ideas in the XIXth – XXth centuries, biographies of liberal politicians and scientists.

Maiorov A.N.
Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-89-436-243-4.
Alexander Nikolayevich Maiorov presents to the readers a collection of articles, speeches, analytical materials. The book is about his working experie...

Skliaruk V.I. (ed.).
Kursk: 2016.
Catalog includes Cyrillic and public manuscripts of the end of the XIIth – the XIXth centuries.

Kokurina O.IU.
CHasti 1,2,3: Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-93179-544-7; 978-5-93179-545-4; 978-5-93179-546-1.

Bednarskaia L.D.
Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-9929-0635-6.
The monograph studies systemic connections of a complex syntactic integer as a language unit and a text as a philological phenomenon, the result of sp...

Bednarskaia L.D.
Orel: 2017. ISBN 978-5-9929-0502-1.
For giving lessons in forms 8-9 and 10-11.

Polynkin A.M., Novikov IU.I.
Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-9708-0708-8.
Based on archive documents.

Tomatov E.
Orel: 2019. ISBN 978-5-903359-14-4.
Evgeny Tomatov is a writer from St. Petersburg, finalist of the All-Russian Literary Award marking the 200th anniversary of I.S. Turgenev birth.

Turgenev I.S.
Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-91468-229-0; 978-5-91468-261-1 .
Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev (1818 - 1883) was a Russian realist writer, poet, essayist, playwright, translator. One of the classics of Russian literature...

Pravednikov S.P., D'iachenko IU.A.
Kursk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-88313-910-8.
Materials to the Dictionary of Kursk Dialects (for the upcoming issue on letter "O").

Bobunova M.A.
Kursk: 2019. ISBN 978-5-88313-934-4.
The book presents two lexicographic complexes: "Ballad songs of the Kursk region" and "Humorous and satirical songs of the Kursk region". The complexe...

Mikhailova I.P., Kokovina N.Z. (ed.).
Kursk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-6040405-2-2.
The book presents materials on current problems of local history and the study of local texts. The authors research the phenomenon of province on the ...

Gribanova T.
Orel: 2018. ISBN 978-5-9708-0669-2.
Tatyana Gribanova was published in many Moscow and Russian journals such as the "Nash Sovremennik", the "Molodaya Gvardia", etc.

SHanin E.A.
Kursk: 2018. ISBN 978-5-91267-059-6.
Evgeny A. Shaninn (1933-2014) was an academician, psychologist, teacher, poet, Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation.

Kursk: 2018.
The book presents information about the most significant Kursk temples some of which were destroyed and lost forever, others stood in the hardest time...
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